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  1. Mfatkids dad died who may have been the only one from letting him rape little boys and rabbits. Mice would probably gotten more pleasure from that fat kid than a rabbit. No wonder his Generals bend over in front of the little fat kid….relieved his pecker is smaller than daddies

  2. Sorry, but love and kumbyah didn't work which is why we are where we are now. Time for tough love, the most intolerant wins. Maybe your love and kindness would work in a perfect world but that approach makes for easy targets.

  3. Parents have been programmed and then passed it on according to what the gov./commercial selling of propaganda at time.
    In turn passed on to kids, the kids grow up a repeat plus added gov./commercial propaganda at there time is added and hence another generation of mislead humans. If the TV and all these influences of cyber and injuries of brainwaves from wifi, etc.
    could be eliminated, which isn't going to happen, unless by natural causes, we are screwed.

  4. Thank you Stefan, people needed to hear this. It's nothing I haven't already figured out on my own but no one would listen to me. Perhaps it's because I'm surrounded by special snow flakes in all directions. You are doing mankind a service and even though you may not believe it, you're doing the Lord's will. Once again, thank you.

  5. Meh… My childhood sucked, anyway. I'm too busy trying to be a less sucky adult.

    Good words, regardless, Stefan – if you can't care about, let alone make yourself, happy – you aren't gonna get it from anyone else.

  6. Pain occurs until we are safe. Take some wisdom from Jordan Peterson and take part in these 3 exercises continuously until you ascend into the most sorted of buckos:
    1. Clean your room
    2. Ask yourself "According to my own value system and standards what do I need to do?" and do it.
    3. Ask yourself "According to my own value system and standards what do I need to stop doing?" and stop it.

  7. Very interesting because we see exactly what the future is going to be like. With crony capitalism where the parents are to be working 80 hours a week and not there to bring up their children. This is the consequences that is being portrayed in this video. And when the individual is ready for acceptance, and it is after several incidents and much later in life!

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