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What is going to happen to all those Afghanistan soldiers being trained and armed by the US? The endless catastrophes of idiot imperialism. A video from Freedomain Radio.

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  1. I am an Afghan and you talk bullshit. Afghanistan is a great independent country, which was never conquered with great culture. F you. And long live and god bless Afghanistan

  2. afghanistan is the graveyard of empires because since ancient greece, powers which tried to conquer it (albeit afghanistan as an entity seperate from iran exists not before the 18th century) didn't really succeed and rather these powers (like the arab caliphate, mongol empire, the british empire, the soviet union) themselves imploded. same will happen to usa.

  3. good vid, my fathers brothers, sisters, their husbands and wives, and their sons and daughters and his mom are in Afghanistan right now. Let me tell you by what ive heard from them ( in kabul ) the afghan people dont support america, dont support the taliban, they dont know who to support! Because under the taliban they met a dark rule,which people say islamic rule, but it was not even islamic.. Nothing to do with islam,everything to do with the idiots who ruled! Theysaythey prefferedtheSoviets

  4. @Twiggy269 lol, and your credibility is what exactly? please don't tell me you believe the government 9/11 fairy tale-some mouth breathing bedouins in Aghanistan who literally eat with one hand and wipe their asses with the other planned and executed the attack? Are you serious?

  5. @Twiggy269 You are a true Orwellian image of a brainwashed dupe. Congratulations! Have you ever travelled outside of the USA? Spent time in other cultures? Acquired firsthand knowledge instead of government funded propaganda? I'm guessing not. YOU HAVE ONLY THE FREEDOM YOUR MASTERS ALLOW YOU TO HAVE.

  6. @Twiggy269
    So they (Al Qaeda) conduct 9/11 and that gives US/Coalition Forces the right to invade and starve a million innocent Afghans does it? And that's just the beginning of the genocide. When did the US provide evidence to the Afghans, warranting extradition pf Bin Laden and his networks?

  7. Thank you for illuminating me on this subject. It's clear more than ever that the more we remain in Afghanistan the more the US "empire" will continue to crumble. I insist that our US leaders learn the lessons of history so as to no repeat those mistakes yet again.

  8. I think you may find that the main difference between "State Mercantilism" and "The Free Market", is that the 1st depends upon "The GUN", and the 2nd relies upon peaceful, voluntary interactions. Also don't confuse the products of THEFT with peacefully gained PROFIT..In the State model of Mercantilism,corperations, call theft–PROFIT.

  9. I am so sorry. I reall feel for you and your dead mind. I hope that you can find consolidation in your illussion, because you will never find freedom or happiness when you cling to imaginary arguments and falsehoods that you clearly know aren't true.

  10. What opinion. I repeat, you don't have to read opinion, or interpretation to learn any of this. Read the original Al Qaeda and CIA documents. I'm not barking up any tree, I have no interest in any of this statist war rubbish and stay far away from it, so grow up pretending to have some elightened comprehension. Again, I didn't stumble upon anything, PhD's aren't unaware, and having a PhD has nothing todo with this, don't glorify intellectuals, you child. Again, what opinion? Official documents.

  11. And of course.. when did i Say I have all the answers? All I know about the terrorists motives is exactly what they say, nothing more. That includes their method of warfare, which they have admitted, and which is identical to that technique claimed by the CIA (not that this matters, you can see the obvious devistating effect yourself), and so I dont understand what youre even questioning with your sarcasm. Anyone can do the MathS. It's obvious, defense is cheap, attack is expensive.

  12. I also don't remember saying i knew everything about the CIA. I do remember refering to one empiricaly released fact, and your claim that they don't tell me anything more means that their is more information, not less. You do not deny my points, only pretend them away because you don't like them, and that's just not mature. The fact is, whether they released the information to play up to people like me, the technique being used by the Afghans is well known, it's not even questionable!

  13. I have yet to claim to be smart. I understand the theory of relativity, I could never discover it. I understand the superiority of Anarchism and accepting the truth about America's life long war in the middle east, but I could hardly conceive it. I'm hardly led around, this understanding isn't exactly mentioned ever in my daily life. However, I did take the time to read official al qaeda material and read CIA information on Afghan training, perhaps you should before commenting that it's wrong.

  14. The word "capitalism" is usually taken to mean what you're calling "free market capitalism." State capitalism isn't capitalism in this sense. It's mercantilism.

    I understand advocates of the free market can seem pretty wonky a lot of the time. But I doubt any of them would call the market omnipotent. Optimal is the good word for it, I'd think. Amazing, as well?

    Consider this. Almost all the technology you use to post a comment on YouTube was developed exclusively by free market forces.

  15. A few thousand Islamic fundamentalists manage to kill a few thousand US citizens, their perceived enemies, after having watched hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners die through decades of US military actions overseas. That is why, they say, the US military must now escalate these actions.

    "Moral high ground." What a joke.

    "America" is a vague basket term for hundreds of millions of people with little to nothing in common. It doesn't need to acknowledge anything. Nor can it.

  16. Brilliant vid, Westpointers hang your heads…The 2008 Nobel Peace Prize winner is escalating a war which cannot be won. That is quite a tail to tell to our children who we do not want to be sold to another State leu of the debts the State cannot pay.

  17. The Soviets held on to their position in Afganistan for almost 10 years WHILE their opponents were trained, financed and supplied with modern weapons by the USA!! As bad as things are now for the US in there, imagine how much worse could it be if the whoever opposes them would be supported by another superpower.

  18. Twiggy, Firstly, you can't really, REALLY think that the of people in Afghanistan hate us because we love our freedom and our lives.That just doesn't make sense. I'm sure they would rather just be left alone (real freedom) and make a living (their life). Do YOU hate them because they want freedom and life? Of course not!
    If you really, REALLY believe that, then I am thinking that "haf a brain" isn't a typo.

  19. @Bowdeen Yes, it was an attack on the economy. Go read the declassified documents about CIA training Afghan troops to fight Soviet Russia, it's not exactly a secret strategy. 9/11 created the public opinion that allowed America to go to War. America inflates the currency (because people would notice direct taxation, but the wealth is gone either way) and the wealth is destroyed by cheap weaponary and guerilla warfare. Plane=$10,000,000, Surface-to-Air Missile= $100,000… do the Maths.

  20. One cannot wage war under present conditions without the support of public opinion, which is tremendously molded by the press and other forms of propaganda – General Douglas MacArthur.

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