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Why would a successful Google engineer risk his career to make the case against Google’s current diversity initiatives? Former Google employee James Damore describes the intense media backlash to his Google diversity memo, intolerance shown towards political diversity in the company, the importance of discussing gender differences and why he wrote the memo in the first place.

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  1. I think it was BS the guy got fired over this and I'm glad he is standing by what he wrote. But… come on, a fund raiser for him? He already has job offers and honestly, this guy has a ton of education and degrees. He's probably got more career prospects than 95% of the people watching this video.

  2. What James is saying isnt new… biological/dna differences contributing to societal determinants between men and women have been around for decades. Google is SJW buffoonery.

  3. I googled: white couple, black couple, american inventors, happy american couple, european people history, european people art, white man white woman…. I am really confused.

  4. Damn James im sorry what happened to you, that document you wrote was very well written and you actually cited solid sources and research, but thats wrong think man ive allmost been failed in college classes for pointing out huge flaws in research and studies i mean HUGE but seriously man you have got a pair of steel to do that at the regressive Google in your honer i think i will just use Bing and Firefox

  5. Christ, this kid's a baby walking through the woods. "The left is more open.." ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS???? I had sympathy for this guy till I found out how stupid and ignorant of REALITY he is. He dares to use the word "…reality…" as if the left-backed riots in America aren't happening…what an idiot. What a fucking, naive child…

  6. James Damore is an American hero. He spoke truth to the evil monopolist google and he has paid with his career. Watch while the so called progressives seek to destroy his life and smear him. A free society needs people like James Damore.

  7. What, Google considers this guy a radical. In and of itself, you can see a huge problem. The clan that can print money, and you know who they are, wants only two classes – them and mutts.

  8. Those who subscribe to the partisan paradigm, unwittingly relegate themselves to navigating the political chess game, with a checkers mentality. The partisan paradigm, is nothing more than a mechanism, designed and devised by the establishment, to keep the putative electorate, engaged in an inherently corrupt, morally bankrupt, political system.

    Behind closed doors, it's One Big Party and you aren't invited!

  9. James Damore has Asperger's​ Syndrome and he does not know it. The ADA Americans with Disabilities Act protects people with Asperger's. He BY LAW can use the powerful ADA REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION rule to win his case against Google. Many people have not read his 10 page document and do not know the hidden full story WHY he wrote this document. Look at the hidden full story WHY he wrote it. Google was wrong firing him.

  10. "As Noam Chomsky once observed, 'the smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum,'"

  11. The problem with "diversity" is that people do not understand that "mixing different people together" will result in the differences being eroded and one opinion being left. Easy example: Here in germany we HAD our own brand of "fast food" back in the 70s which involved mostly chicken and sausages. The chicken part is more or less gone and has been replaced by AMERICAN BURGER and TURKISH DÖNER … because we had american soldiers here and got an influx of US culture AND we have had the "guest workers" from turkey since the 60s who have settled in "ghettos" (=concentrated in parts of a city).

    To keep diversity alive you need to SEPARATE the different cultures just like we do with wildlife preserves, where animals get protected from the influence of humans … because that would kill the weaker animals.

    Just think of it as a stew with lots of tasty potatoes, carrots, beans, spices, meat, … and it really tastes nice when you eat it, BUT in our societies the stew isnt "prepared fresh" but rather has been cooking for a few years, so the potatoes have gone soft and start to taste of carrot, the meat has dissolved into fibres and given off all its individual flavour to the "water" and so on and so on. Everything will eventually be ONE HOMOGENOUS MASS WITH ONE TASTE compared to having a different taste with each spoon if you eat it fresh.

  12. The Left is more open to new ideas? This is a classic case of a brilliant yet clueless fellow. He buys the window dressing and is clueless about the Left's underlying hypocrisy and draconian motives. The very fact that Google created a browser for the censorious Chinese government, to filter what the Chinese are ALLOWED to see…tells us all we really need to know about Google.

  13. Stefan, I am deeply disappointed in you and your crew. I came to your channel seeking a pool of rigorous and fearless intellectual prowess, a Randyian Intellectual Best of Breed as it were, to help me crack a vexing social paradox. Instead, all I’ve received is an endless stream of ad hominems, or perhaps more accurately, ad gynisms, with sadly, you, dear Stefan, leading the pack by callously calling me a troll.

    Given the intellectual edge that your (mostly) male commentators have over us struggling idiot women out here, I was expecting so much more. This really is a poor show. I’ve had some fool on your channel mistake a basic conjunction logic proposition for an emotional argument. Another idiot thought that prefacing his reply with the world ‘darling’ could somehow substitute for a bit of cognitive effort. The intelligence level is so low around here I’m starting to suspect that most of your commenters must be women hiding behind male avatars!

    So for all the real men in Stefan’s crew, I’ll pose my logic problem once again: if men and women have different strengths, why do only men succeed in the fields requiring their native skills? For example, why do women’s alleged superior language skills not translate into a significant edge in literature and language departments (similar to the 90% coverage men enjoy in tech)?

    You need to start schooling your boys better, Stefan. At this rate, before you know it, women will be taking over more than just legal firms and med schools!

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