What do you do to make the world a better place? Is the world better everyday because you are alive – or not? Do you add value to the lives of other people – or do you consume without reciprocity? Do people care about you? Do people love you? Are you a value provider or a parasite on the world?

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  1. Atheism has to with a religion of selfishness , they rather believe in a fairytale that will just magically create it's self . while telling you , what you believe is a fairytale . Only because you believe there is a God , that has giving us a free will to stop evil from controlling what we need to live . While they , just sit back and blame you and God , which that is so they don't have to help make a change . They are so delusional to believe selfishness of greed will create a better world , which is to have more then others because of there Certain abilities . They actually believe , many are not trying as hard as them and are just lazy . You will hear these delusional people say : If I can do it then everyone can too , but they are too lazy so I should be paid more for my success . . But those who do notice reality of good and evil . Will certainly notice there are people who actually do know not everyone can do what they can so they take advantage of that and use them like bait to gain more for themselves ? Reality is also noticing that is how slavery and poverty started. Where you have many who love doing there work and take pride in it while making others suffer for what they can not do . Which are called evildoers abusing there power aka there gift God gave them . . Reality is also noticing how there are evildoers that abuse drugs just so those who need those drugs get denied , those who self harm themselves will get more help then someone who did not self harm themselves . evildoers are also sexually and physically abusive along with robbing those who have less then them blind . Where they know for a 100% fact law enforcement and the people who work for the Law will only help you with justice is if you are wealthy. There motto in Atheism of selfishness is , no money no help sorry we can't help you because we focus on money . Pretty much telling you , they can care less about your right's being violated . But they will help with giving you just enough to hold on by a string that way you do run into some money they can take it away for helping you out just a little or to just live in pain and suffering to watch them be heartless and greedy . Proving they are greedy and destruction towards real peace , love , compassion and empathy towards each other . They take advantage of a person when one is unhealthy , needs surgery , is homeless , needs a ride , is slow and someone in a family who has died , where they make the desperate pay a large amount of numbers to make them a debt slave just to pay them back in return even with interest for helping out . Where many think what one has they should be allowed to brag to another of what one can not afford . .. Fairy tales is when you believe we all live in a Disney movie filled with laughter , love and happiness because you have what you want and need . Thinking everyone can have that too if they just believe by wishing on a star . When no they can't , when you focus only on your family needs and wants . Especially when a gifted person believes only they should have the best of everything and you are to work underneath them .

  2. Here's one for you, what if you do everything you say: you help everyone you come across, you're polite and gracious and even do charity work. Here's the thing though, everyone around you are judgmental and quite frankly scared of you; despite everything you do, people think you are what people call a "creep". Due to you being such a "creep", no one will help you when you are ill, no one will help you when you're short on cash and no one will care if you die.

    This is easily applicable to the bigotry of general differences; the introverted, the shy and heck sometimes the sexual minorities (people believe in a 2,000 year old book still and use it to confirm hatred and bigotry, don't ask me why). Just food for thought, and it sure as heck isn't an argument.

  3. Amen – In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Said the atheist?

    Just messing with you Stef – love your videos.

    Keep “preaching” the truth.

  4. thts pretty good tho as much as id love to be selfless. i still dont feel good and until i get to get better im a pissed off annoying annoyed person that doesnt want to be around anyone. i guess i do do a favor by not wanting to be around anyone lol. it did make think about what you said about that angry neighbor no one likes. like what if he was just sick so he felt in a bad mood and then when he got even sicker no one helped him. i think when ppl feel a bit ill ppl come off as angry selfish lazy. i remember i never liked this one person because to me he was very mean and demanding and whenever someone talked to him he just got nasty and yelly almost scary. i still sometimes have a hard time accepting and tolerating this person. however he has been a bit sick but managing. while in my own personal experience of feeling ill i realized how i too get angry because when you feel ill and ppl are around you having nonsense conversations with you while your trying to not faint and do stuff in life it gets very frustrating. it literally feels like the person next to you is draining the last life out of you as terrible as it sounds. though its still annoying becuase the other person that i have a tough time tolerating still bugs me a bit becuase if he doesnt feel well he should see a doctor yet he refuses to do so. i dont want to wonder why because knowing my luck i will understand first hand 😛

  5. I really do agree with most of what you say and think you are a pretty inspirational person, I just don't like how everything you explain is so clear cut. Many things are not as simple as you make them out to be. I thought it was wrong to say only selfish jerks are on welfare because although that may be true for the most part there are many people who just want enough money to keep their children alive.

  6. The greatest gift you can give is your happiness, but you can't give something you don't have……
    Reality is just a mirror, the way you feel about yourself is, the way reality reflects….., first start to forgive yourself and start self love, understand universal laws.. follow the path of least resistance…
    So simple

  7. I've watch quite a few of your videos. Very informative thought provoking videos you make. This video here made me subscribe to your channel. I have actually posted one of your videos on my Facebook page, this one will go on there too. I'll continue to watch more of them and if they are of the same substance you have provided from what I have seen so far, I will be donating to you as I do see you as a value to society.

  8. Years ago I realized that social security causes injury to families. It is very similar to what you are saying about selfishness. If I don't have to worry about who is going to take care of me in my old age, I don't have to do the hard work to raise my children right and I don't have to have very many children.

  9. I personally think you have an utopian view of the Americans. No one helps anyone,e.g. some person lying on the ground grabbing his chest and unable to speak, is utterly ignored by the other people, until one of them would have the initiative to call 911., and then inform the guy help is on the way and go about their lives.I was 16 when I got to see for myself a situation like that. I'm about your age, so, no phones. I have also seen A HORSE , there was an intense heat wave, it was being helped by the NYFD hosing it and the NYPD made a perimeter from which hundreds of people were talking to perfect strangers . Meanwhile the guy with a heart attack died And he had good friends, two kids, a beautiful wife who would miss him but couldn't care less about the horse. Nor the people watching it die of a heat stroke. I don't know what happened to the poor animal and the two episodes occurred separately. Remember. I was 16, and that person who nobody gave a damn about was on the other side of Broadway Avenue. They stopped all traffic because of a horse and did nothing to a person. . Where is that Kindness which will be reciprocated if you were there for the others. No one knew he was such a good person, besides, they were late to go back home. Cheers.

  10. Let me get this straight. You mentioned Health Care. So that is part of the Welfare. And how is it funded? Listen, may I call you Stefan ? Well as you haven't answered, I'll take as a YES. ONCE AND FOR ALL Stefan, Socialism in Europe is not the same as Marxism. In Europe Socialism is another word for Capitalism. But it has regulations. The Free Market would become chaotic, a bubble or more and again a recession. Regulated Capitalism doesn't avoid entirely this problem, but it helps people like you are myself (we don't even know one another) to be able to live during a period of time which is LIMITED IN TIME. For instance, you lose your job, you get paid by people you don't know anything about, ⅔ , yes it is small but you would be paid by that multitude of "others" 2 thirds of your last salary (monthly) from 6 measly months, and 2 years. This difference in welfare is due to the time you've worked in total. Your last job, before that one down to the very first. And, if you are sick and in need of a 20,,000 $ surgery, with no Heath Insurance, usually paid by your boss and that as consequences on your salary. No free lunches. You get those if you are deemed indigent. In a line to show your ID card) These are Volunteers that help you for nothing. They have a job). Q: What is your Health Care system, quality, means, funds… Probably a small portion of your income goes straight there. Q: If you are already paying taxes that are in their largest, very large percentage to the the Army budget, which is in excess of destroying our planet several times over, maybe you should think again and had rather see your taxes for better purposes. NOTE: I'm from Portugal and we needed to be bailed out by the IMF and the European Central Bank. We had a lot of restrictions due to higher taxes and so on. But we are back on our feet Sure thing, the prior Government won the Elections and the Prime Minister remains in power. However this Social Democratic Party had to coalition with a Right winged Party,. They had more than 50 % of the seats in the Parliament. These are two Capitalist parties more or less inclined to the government intervention, Now they don't. The Socialist O Party ( which is also Capitalist) took almost all the rest of the seats. They are fierce enemies. Any way, we got tired of being the first Super Power in the World, followed by Spain. (you for it right,Portugal was the richest country in the world and kept our Borders intact since we got to the far South of Portugal. The Spaniards squandered our Abundance when they took over for sixty yrart using dirty political manoeuvres, Then we kick their assess out of here) . They attempted several times to militarily invade us and we have always sent them back into their half desert lands) In short. we are no longer an Economic Empire, we live in Peace . We're not pacifist, we are peaceful.Are you (the USA) ? I think you like best playing war games, far from your country and that where you SHOULD start cutting off the budget and regain your Wealth and power to help each other with the same taxes). I don't know your taxation system but it sounds rather complex. Take the example of the Nordic Countries in Europe. Not ours.,,And I could go on…

  11. Stefan, when the resources run out, is it possible that the liars in charge will blame those who have reason. That's what they do now; they project their disasters and rerouting the blame.If most of people are in the R group living in a fantasy world, won't they quickly turn into an evil sort of K that seeks revenge o
    n the innocent with reason?

  12. This rant or discussion seems to assume that (continued) good deeds are recognised.

    I don't believe that to necessarily be the case.

    My career, my business, my entire work life is offering a service that helps both businesses and individuals.

    I get paid by businesses, I do not get paid by individuals.

    Of the 100s of individuals that I help a week; how many do you think I get genuine thanks from? You know, to the point that they've gone out of their way to make a pleasant gesture to show gratitude for the provision of a service which costs them nothing?

    In a typical week the answer would be none. In a typical month or year the answer would be none.

    How much abuse do I get from said individuals? A lot. Daily, certainly several times a week. To one degree or another, but frequently pretty outrageous.

    Of course I do get paid in general for my business activities so it is not an absolutely self-less act on my side by any means – but what does that matter. I still give my time to people for their benefit, at no cost to them. I still perform socially beneficial activities for most of my waking life.

    I think it's simply wrong to assume that people are grateful for what they're provided. And as such it's simply wrong to believe that those that aren't shown gratitude do not act in responsible, socially beneficial, moral ways.

    I also think it's wrong that the selfish are unloved and thought of as dicks. I think that most people act selfishly, discourteously as a general rule. The examples of people playing loud music, dumping rubbish or generally inconveniencing others at will is a norm. It is not unusual in the least. And these people are accepted by everyone because their behaviour is normal. Normal in the sense that it is common, to be expected and accepted by almost all.

    That's my experience of modern city life.

  13. "Only philosophy can break this stupid cycle."

    I would argue that philosophy has lead us to this end. Philosophy is an albatross around the neck of humanity. "Philosophers," like yourself, have led us ever onward, one failed paradigm after the next. It comes as no surprise that a philosopher would seek to continue to do so.

    The "truth" is subjective. It's wholly unfair to take a position that your particular perception of reality is "the truth". That is the case for every individual alive and so it becomes irrelevant in the context of the conversation. Your version of the truth may find adherents, but it will also have detractors and it's unfair to label them all ignorant. That is a tactic liberals have mastered,why would you seek to emulate those you so vehemently oppose?

    You rail against the current paradigm with obscure phrases like "Fiat currency" and "The force of taxation," but you offer no viable paradigm with which to replace the current one. Capitalism, by all measures, has been a monumental success in terms of the quality of life it has delivered to hundreds of millions through the creation of the middle class alone. It is, by far, the most successful attempt by mankind to deliver true equality to the masses in the form of opportunity through effort.

    Capitalism suffers today because of the outright bastardization of free market economics by the state. Policy has strangled the system. That alone should be recognized as the root of our current troubles. When you twist the truth by calling capitalism a failed paradigm(which is what you insinuate by proposing a resource based economy),you effectively state your desire to scrap the tangible for the theoretical. If that assertion is flawed, then please provide a viable resourced based paradigm capable of functioning in an environment of 300 million plus.

    As to the "fiat currency." A non backed currency remains stable as long as those who control it act in the best interests of the society that implements such a system. It is the unholy alliance of the FED(a non governmental entity) and the state that has produced the ill effects we see today. Again, capitalism is the victim. The money supply has been hijacked, the free market corrupted, and the interest of the society abandoned, None of that falls on the capitalistic system. It is corruption, pure and simple.

    Finally, your analogy of punishment being the prime motivator of why people seek to avoid the truth is dead wrong. People avoid the truth for a vast multitude of reasons, the least of which is pressure from a political party. You want to define liberalism as a form of intellectual ineptitude, a form of cognitive dissonance, but I have met many educated, and quite frankly, brilliant liberals who make very solid arguments based in fact. In this particular case I would argue that the vast majority turn from the truth out of self interest.(Which was your argument, but greed is the motivator, not fear.)

    The problem, as it exists in reality, is not a product of liberal ideology. It is the product of an attempt to overthrow the cultural dominance of the Western Europen power structure. It's roots are not based in liberalism. Liberalism has been hijacked by Marxists who espouse an ideology of hate while paying lip service to the very ideals they seek to undermine(This is why the poor suffer more under the current administration than they have under any other). The failure of the system is nothing more than a symptom of those who have infected the liberal ranks within our society. It is not a failure of the economic system.

    The "truth" is that we are at war, and it's only going to get worse going forward. Philosophy is only going to add to the destruction, as it always has.

  14. I actually go with the whole altruism bad selfishness good thing now… What can I gain from this interaction without doing harm is actually the right frame of mine IMO.

    It's he without doing harm part people don't ever think through.

  15. Not only is the welfare state a refuge for assholes, it promotes it. Why should you be respectful, courteous, or care about your reputation when white house daddy will swoop in and take care of you? Communities + Welfare = Broken Communities

  16. Bear in mind, Reason is also founded upon a faith. Fundamentally, rationality springs forth from a whole host of philosophical axioms situated in mythic beliefs.

  17. One other thing, Stefan: this altruistic society you exhort us all to become, will it still line the pockets of slum landlords and rip-off corporations? They don't seem to get much of a mention in your video.

  18. I get it, Stefan. The truth = your truth. All those on welfare are scroungers, right? The state sucks. Hard work will make you rich. Tell that to the sweatshop workers in India.

  19. Awesome – you are starting to talk about Love. You are evolving Brother. This is actually spiritual without being spiritual in a literal sense. It's about karma, it's about the golden rule.

    Finally someone who understands the market as I do. If you are beneficial to others, everyone will support you.

  20. You're forgetting that people are inherently selfish, and that they also have a propensity to stab one another in the back :). Yes, there's a minority of people that are "nice", but they're few and far between.

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