Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov has questioned an accusation from the U.S., that the Syrian government is planning a chemical attack. He said Washington’s claim could encourage terrorists to use chemical weapons as a provocation, and blame it on President Assad. Sergey Lavrov made those remarks during a meeting with Germany’s foreign minister. READ MORE:


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  1. Ah, the E-2 Hawkeye. I used to work on the electronics of that radar plane as an AT on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier in late 80's early 90's. Also when the Berlin wall came down.

    Look, this chemical weapons claim is a lie. The US serves Israel's agenda with their "Greater Israel" project, nothing more, save the oil game. The US is full of shit and is lying! Hey neocon fools, Russia is not Granada.

  2. honestly does the world need more reasons to be sick and tired of waiting for the american people to take their god dammed political system back yet???
    fucking march on the white house if you have to stop letting the news distract you with comey and which celebrity hates your puppet leader the most…own your actions and government!! start rolling heads! france can teach you!

  3. Короче говоря походу англичане зажрались!Блять это что за хуйня хватит верить в эту пиздежь!Сука да что с вами не так?

  4. And you believe this English? You are in the region ohueli Russia is shit where corruption reigns, lies, Putin-Huylo, poverty, the degrading population of the so-called Englishmen, I did not expect from you you are a nation with a good history with a rich country and a NORMAL GOVERNMENT And you like HUYLO ?! Shit, I just want to eat from my country to England, I can not believe that people in England are zombified by Russian propaganda more than people in Russia or Belarus! Stop from the planet, I'll go! It's time to write poetry farewell unwashed Britain!

  5. Ох блять только мне ебучих английских ватников не хватало да идите вы нахуй!В рот ебал я ваши СМИ!Fuck you RT!Hello from Belarus!

  6. WTF are all the people this stupid that the US appoints as UN ambassadors , think they should become tooth fairies with this level of fantasy . That way we only have to be worried about the loss of a tooth and not the loss of the truth .

  7. Americans can't build a building that won't collapse due to fire… they can't build a destroyer that can see and evade a 1/2km long ship, even when its equipped with radar… Americans can't build infrastructure for their nation, they can't have their people have non-rigged elections… they can't win any war, they only know how to start them…

  8. i rubbed my one shit in my hair and sacrificed a virgin because of that the evil aliens have not destroyed the planet i saved a lot of lives

  9. everybody knows all accusations from the USSA is a lie, but like it or not, just face the reality that USSA has decided this is the right time to punch Russia in the face and get rid of this final obstacle of Israel & USSA total dominance in the Euphrates region.  How….?  in the last 2 years, USSA made use of financial tools to destroy Russian economy major incomes by collapsing the global crude oil & natural gas prices,  how long can you sustain yourselves with an empty pocket…  let alone to wage a war against a furious big fat cat ?

  10. Russia vs USA.
    Russia have China, North Corea (War Countries)
    USA is the only country who only need war to survive, Canada and Mexico (Peaceful Countries) only help with food or support but now I think a lot of Mexicans hate USA for that stupids TRUMP followers.

  11. Tell ya what. Since intelligence has to remain secret or whatever, how about give us the evidence used to justify invading Iraq and we'll let you use baseless accusations to invade Syria. Deal?

  12. it will of course encourage the cia/mossad terrorist merc army to act – specially when they are given the order to do that exact attack – the zionists have nothing to lose any more – even if they know the world is well aware of the fact they orchestrated the chemical attack they will do it anyway – the only way to cover the fact the fiat money system is imploding is through war – either WW3 if they can egg on enough countries or the american civil war part 2

  13. Tulsi Gabbard (US) put forward a Bill to stop the US supplying money/ arms to terrorists, this says something big doesn't it? It's OK to point the finger at Qatar and Iran, another case of don't do as we do, ————–do as we say!

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