Syrian President Bashar Assad has tried out the role of fighter jet pilot, as he arrived in Latakia province to inspect the Russian-operated Khmeymim airbase. This marks the first time the Syrian president has visited the military airfield.



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  1. I was a Trump supporter from the very beginning, but his treatment of Syria is appalling. Assad has no incentive to gas his own people. Especially given the conflict is in mop-up mode. Trump is losing his core base support over this.

  2. A very old Syrian Su-22 gets shot down and a few days later Assad is seen sitting in the cockpit of an advanced Su-35 fighter jet…. I'm reading between the lines here.

  3. the ameriCUNT empire will not go out quietly into the night and die somewhere onto the road……. they rather take the world to thermo nuclear war before their currency collapse, which is the global financial monetary system, federal reserve fiat currency, which we call the $USD. and their IMF, world bank stooges, including the main head of all central banks,
    BIS- bank of international settlement……… the grand daddy of the mafia God father, of all banks, and thus the god father of global control of all 'western countries'.

  4. "IF" the Syrian government get a chance to buy/loan these type of planes, It will be a great investment to have their pilots to have strict-trainings in Russia as well. Just like during the Vietnam War, the Americans only have TWO (pilots) aces with 5 kills each while the North Vietnamese got few aces & DOUBLE-aces despite flying the less-sophisticated MiGs. Part of that success due to their (North Vietnamese pilots) rigorous training in Poland & Czechoslovakia. But the funny thing about it is, "Discovery/Military" channels & other msm's rarely or perhaps NEVER showed that part of the story. ……………….. And the most pathetic of this is, one of the American aces during Vietnam War (Cunningham, USNavy) was sent to jail for corruption as a politician.

  5. Assad has more balls than these US politicians who talk a big game but will hide under their desks if a war ever reaches America especially John Sidney McCain III the coward who lied about his time in Vietnam as a prisoner of war.

  6. I hate Assad, but we can't have another Iraq situation.
    Assad needs to lead his people, or else the middle east will be nothing but bloodied sand and bullet shells.

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