Question: “When I watched the video you posted titled ‘why democracy always fails’, I nearly lost faith in you! I think I can demonstrate to you that what you think is democracy is not a democracy at all, but an elected oligarchy disguised as one. A genuine democracy would function very differently. Not only can I demonstrate that; I can present a relatively simple fix to change our elected oligarchy into a democracy that will transfer power out of the hands of political parties and into the hands of voters, where it should be.”

Democricide | Why Democracy Always Fails

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  1. 33:00 what the caller essentially is saying there would be: If two wolves vote to eat the lonely lamb, it's fine. No prob though, because it would be legal.

  2. Stefan, let the man finish his argument before curb stomping it!! LOL

    anyway, the way you could have dismantled it even if he did finish his argument was the Myth of the Rational Voter by Brian Caplan

  3. Stefan, at 13:10, you knew exactly what the caller was trying to say.
    He was entirely willing to admit his error, but you decided to relentlessly dissect his nervous apology and portray him as a dishonest person, rather than a person who momentarily made false assumptions.
    It's not at all impossible for an otherwise honest person to assume that most people didn't support the Patriot Act, based on conversations being had in many skeptical circles.

  4. The question should not be which political system is best but rather the quality of the people in the society. ANY political system (within reason) will work if the people support it. I prefer the political system of the Star Trek Federation – you guys can all argue over how to govern masses of psychological disturbed people – good luck!

  5. In the end I am sure that the caller did not like the way direct democracy works, despite all his efforts to convince us AND himself of its desirability. Wonderful technique Mr. Molyneux, tolerate the argument initially and then bring it to its logical conclusion. Actually, in my opinion, democracy is just a buzz world. In the words of Ayn Rand, don't waste time examining a folly. It is sufficient to examine only what it accomplishes.

  6. How do you get rid of a corrupt candidate when both are corrupt and Ralph Nader gets only 5% of the vote.? Ralph Nader saved the lives of over 1/2 a million Americans — how many voters knew that? Where is the self- correction?

  7. Switzerland and Uruguay have very low populations not a lot of room for corruption. The US has 320 million and over 2 trillion dollars in tax money to steal.

  8. In order to vote one should have to pass a means test and actually have to know something about politics. Most people are not smart enough to vote and should not be able to. The female vote opened up immigration to non-Whites (93% of the prospective immigrants); this would have an obvious result — Dangerous for the creators of Western Civilisation.

  9. Her life? The female vote has created the mess. The will of the people is the will of women — 53% of the voters. Women have no will and no belief in morality — 90% of rapes go unreported…that is how much women want to protect their sisters from rape.

  10. Democracy is a masked Communism, Just let you think you have the right to choose who leads and are actually found out that people who protest and talk doesn't do any change or damage.. Here you have it.

  11. Stefan, Stefan.. When he stated that it was legal, and thus he didn't have any issue with it, well, you're right that he apparently has no morals beyond legality; which is a steep cliff. You should have asked him – if being a pedophile is legally allowed, does it being legal make it right morally ? If rape against women is legally allowed, and you were married, and it happens to your wife, then it's OK- right , because it's legal ! .. The truth is- moral men and women can live successfully with very little government intervention. It's because of slimeballs like this guy on the phone- that have no morals beyond legality- that we have so many laws on the books. What the world needs is a purge of such amoral people.

    Oh, his view of that people on welfare would see that welfare is unsustainable and would choose another path, well, that's utter BS. People that choose that path choose it because it's easier. They don't care about 1 year down the road, let alone 20 or 30 years down the road. They care about what they can get today, with the least effort and the least risk involved. It's the same reason someone breaks into a house and steals stuff; it's easy and they think they can get away with it. Now, if everyone's homes was armed, and booby-trapped so that the criminal's odds of success was 0.1%, most would be criminals will seek out some easier money. People on welfare know that it is theft of money from other taxpayers, and because it was legitimized by the government, that's why they are OK with it. However, they still know that it's a fundamental wrong, and that they are parasites on the working taxpayers, and off from future generations.. Yet they still take the money, often fraudulently, because they are allowed, and have no moral compass, and of course, because taking it is far easier than earning their own keep .. I say fraudulently, because often the women know who the father is; they often have other forms of income that is not reported, and often will use the money to buy stuff that such funds weren't intended for ( like dope ). So, yes, fraudulently.

  12. Pure Democracy puts fundamental aspects of society at the whim of the mob. Society has to be based on some type of core structure of principles or values.

  13. This caller was so unhealthily disagreeable. He doesn't even think through his arguments and flip-flops like mad. I'm sorry, I can't respect him even if he "has" some good ideas.

  14. Democracies don't actually exist as far as I can tell. I would argue that in order to have true democracy one has to cast his judgement from an assessment of personal satisfaction. This simply doesn't happen. When people go to the voter polls, they vote based on what they believe is right for society, ignoring themselves as a part of it. Simply put, people vote based on how they think others should live, not how they prefer to live themselves. This is really backward.

  15. people should be treated as individuals as in I have to be asked if I want to be taxed. Not to be forced to be a part of a collective society just because I was born here.

  16. Lol wow you get Salty when your views are challenged. I don't think this caller did a great job expressing his views but I think his direction was valid. I could be wrong where he was headed but you interrupted him so often I don't really know what he would of said other that he kept saying that you were talking about something different than what he was.

    Basically I would love to have a conversation with you. It appears that the brush your painting with is far too broad. Also it would be nice to nail down a few of your thoughts on issues related to government and different ism's

  17. 4:14 "i don't know what you're talking about"
    How do you not Stefan? what the caller described was, in it's most basic form, Democracy. that if you say, have 100 people, and they are to elect a leader. of the two people running one gets 60% and the other gets 40%, the first guy gets to lead for however long. then, when the next election rolls around, if the populous is content with the direction of the society, they can elect that person, if not, then can vote in someone else. it's that simple. now in practice we, atleast here in the states, don't exactly do it like this, but the same basic premise applies.
    His whole line of questioning about public schools that follows is, to me, completely irrelevant, and has more to do with Stefans distaste for the idea of public schools than it does democracy. I do understand what he is trying to get at; can you have a true democracy is public schools are brainwashing the populous to want bigger government? i simply disagree with that premise that public schools are instructing the young that "freedom is not so good the government is really really great and
    more government is even better", which is, from my experience in public schools, an absolute strawman. but he's also making the assumption that by having public schools government is "controlling the flow of information." certainly not in an informal sense, and as far as a formal sense we have private schools as well. Stefans entire premise for asking the question above is irrelevant and baseless.
    Maybe Stefan just doesn't like Democracy for the same reasons any other Anarchist doesn't; becuse it means the populous (either directly through ballad initiatives or indirectly through representatives) will be making decisions that affect his own life, and some he might not like, such as making the government a bit bigger in areas where it is needed. im always reminded of the Edward Bellamy quote "Government is the same in my time as it was in yours; merely a tool to give will to the people, for government has no will of it's own". just becuse you may not like the results of a vote, path a country is taking, or people who participate in democracy, isn't reason to scrap democracy, but reason for you to fight for your side harder

  18. You must be a spoiled American to say that democracy always fails, I come from cambodia and I would love to see you keep the same speach there

  19. The end of this video was the greatest example of cough democracy in action! Thank you Stefan! Amazing! This is why democracy doesn't work! Two wolves and a lamb deciding what's for dinner.

  20. Stefan you're being an ASSHOLE.
    And you're butthurt that the guy disagrees w you so you berate him?
    he just said his OPINION was that most ppl didn't like the patriot act.
    so according to one poll that you dug up that's not right.
    so what?!
    You manipulated the argument into him making a statement of fact?
    You were very childish in this case.
    You showed your weakness, and consequently your feminine rage and vindictiveness lol.
    Yes you were a child of a single mother

  21. Stefan; The individual was trying to justify voting for one's self gratification. The big problem is though, his philosophy doesn't account for the payment which must inevitably come. Vote to raise the minimum wage from $9.00 per hour to $15.00 per hour while not understanding the economics of diminished jobs, increased mechanization, increased prices, etc.

  22. The argument was the IDEAL of democracy as espoused by the caller and the REALITY of democracy as cited by the host. The ideal may be one to strive for… but the reality shouts otherwise.

  23. "Why should I exchange one tyrant three thousand miles for three thousand tyrants one mile away?" This was the big question of the delegates deciding whether or not to fight the American Revolution. We can see how the other example worked ort in Roesch Pierre's France.

  24. Isn't democracy a form of socialism in which the majority pay the few (politicians) to take the property of the minority?

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