Watch the full Keiser Report E221 on Saturday. This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss central banks and governments ‘saving the day’ and hostage taking paper silver markets and gold for bonds in Japan. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Satyajit Das, author of Extreme Money, about the European debt crisis.

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  1. You need normal houses for like doctors and lawyers,meby trades people,but the majority of people need to live in govermeant apartmeants cause you can't just stop growing and thiers actually more work in communism and one day people are going to live in space and rapidly build space govermeant apartmeants.

  2. So every country's has to build government apartment buildings and stone apartmeants so it lasts like two or three hundred years,you can't let the govermeant money run into private hands all the time,you really need govermeant apartmeants in every last country in the world cause it needs to look good on the paper.

  3. @AngeCord Understood the first part. But don't you dare talk about Putin, whatever you think about him – is a result of brain washing. He is not a perfect president, but he didn't mess up votes. It is Federal Reserve trying to create another Colour Revolution like it did in Syria, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and so on…

  4. @pretorious700 No because I read shit like this from proper venues, if you get this sort of information from this guy you are an amateur.

  5. @TheKeinash That's a great question, and i sure wish i could answer it… the way i see it there seems to be a group of mighty untouchables on top of things, namely the USA, England, and Germany..They can do whatever they want, bankrupt everyone around them and never have to suffer the consequences themselves…

  6. @UnitedKingdomify lol typical anglo mentality insta-looking up my profile…I never even mentioned sweden.Oh and btw, the german engineer Wener Jacobi still invented the first microchip!

    Government: Athenian democracy hihilolol
    Language: latin/italy hihi lolol
    Laws: France says hello!
    Military: Germany says hello!
    Navy: Japan says hello!

    I care not about your innovations, this is about the highest debt in history!
    Bye 😀

  7. @GanzZulu rofl microchips and england…I can bet you 10 bucks, pounds and filthy fistpumps that 99.9.999999% of all microchips today are engineered in Asia.
    The only thing the UK has ever brought to the world is imperialism and bankers.
    By the way, the microchip was invented in 1949 by the German engineer Werner Jacobi.
    Truth hurts eh 😀

  8. @SuperThe86 ya i know they haven´t this GDP, thats why i asked him of any source about it.
    50 tln could be the inofficial USA debt^^ but not their GDP.

  9. overated currency for ages , switched from industrial superpower to Financial services superhub, Uk´s real contribution to the world and exports is minimal, irrelevant.

  10. @earthgirlful you are missing the point…government fidelity is a election issue…taxation is the key here… pointing fingers at who is and isn't "paying" taxes is neither here nor there….!

  11. @retownsend You have your %'s wrong to start with..and the 1% are now paying less than they have in 2 decades while the 99% has seen large increases! Perhaps you need to research the facts. Try google not Fox News

  12. @earthgirlful the 1% pay 39% of all taxes and the bottom 50% pay nothing – how are the rich not paying their "fair share"? And stripping oil subsidies is the least of our problems (although it should be done). No companies should be subsidized by the gov't. Rather than taxing any person more (whether rich or poor), the gov't should cut the corporate tax rate in half, but eliminate all loopholes in it. Then we can compete with the rest of the world. Equality must always take a backseat to freedom

  13. @retownsend When the 1% start paying their fair share and the OIL Companies lose their subsidies and the GOP side if the aisle in both Houses put the people of their obligations to their corporate Bosses and stop allowing them to pimp out our democracy..we will have justice and equality back in our political system!

  14. The USA is still at about 80% – liberals always glorify the gov't programs in countries in europe and japan but fail to see the massive financial problems that they cause. the programs are unsustainable and will have to be massively reduced within the next decade – the US still has time to reform are welfare programs before we reach this point. medicare, medicaid and social security must be controlled! the retirement age has to be raised! people are living longer and there is not enough $! CRAZY

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