Mica is a shiny mineral that’s all the rage in modern-day makeup, helping to give beauty products a bright gleam and natural-looking glow. This beauty, however, comes at a price that most are unaware of. Those who pay it are the poorest and most vulnerable. RT Doc visits India’s illegal mica mines where child labor is rife.

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  1. This isn't child labor like China. They have no options of career and in many cultures kids work young to help the family. Sucks but thus is life. EDIT: 9:04 is a beautiful girl who seems very grounded, I'll save her lol.

  2. we need to start holding these governments accountable for their country's issues, we should also not buy these products if children are being used as slave labor.

  3. "Women who wear makeup are whores according to this video." "Women who wear makeup are ugly." Because the clothes on your back aren't made from sweatshops that pay children a small percentage of what you pay for it…hmmm? Hypocrites in the comment section make me laugh.

  4. I was born in HK 1964 ,n I start working since I was 6 yrs old ,the main reason is we r poor ,I must working to feed my needed 🙂 its not a shame ,but my own choice to be with.pls do understand this,not every families r born w good wealth :p

  5. It has always been the same: from the moment our proto homini learned how to force somebody else to do the hard/dirty work till the modern day.

    The other truely horrifying question is: WHY THE FUCK DO YOU BELIEVE HUMANS ARE EQUAL?!

  6. So government prevents competition, large conglomerates step in, and boom! We have poverty. All stemming from the intervention and limiting of productive abilities of individuals by government!

  7. Obama just sent billions of dollars to the terrorist state called Israel. Israel is going to use that money to buy weapons to massacre thousands of innocent people. Surely, 1% of that money could have gone to villages like this one to help these poor children?

  8. India says "Socialist Republic" in its constitution but in actual practice capitalism reigns. These children could use social welfare from the govt but instead need to seek work from private companies illegally (becoz child labour is illegal in india) to feed themselves..

  9. why dosent rt do a show on Greenpeace in Russia being attached because of arctic oil drilling by putins thugs? oh thats right rt is a state run channel that only covers bullshit news about russia, n their dear leader, isnt it ridiculous rt doing a piece on human rights n environment violations in india when russia is 10 times worse? putin only cares about is more oil n gas screw it if arctic turns black or world turns into Venus, then Putin puts his green helmet on pretending he gives a shit about environment n wildlife when forest fires n hunters have decimated wildlife there, plus oil n gas industry

  10. I Believe this video is disingenuous
    the amount of Mica used in the makeup industry it is miniscule.
    compared to its industrial application.
    capacitors. and electrical insulation.
    and many other high temperature applications

  11. Most of the big cosmetic companies are traitorous Zionist Jews , they are the main ones that use child labour , history shows that Jews were involved in slave trade just like the Jewish Monsanto family.

  12. YOU TOO can have these people work as YOUR slaves, and TAKE their resources,
    all you have to do, is force their government to TAKE YOUR dollars, printed from your central bank…. backed by NOTHING but thin air…. just give these kids 1 paper money, with 1 and 6 zeroes, 1,000,000 and you can own his whole village for entire generation.
    and you will get free labor and resources. and if they complaint…. then you point your freedom and democracy guns and bombs at them.

  13. ……My only problem is that I don't think they are getting paid enough, and child labor of course when it is coerced. Also they need better clothing for this shit….

  14. If chlidren are working instead of going to school it's most likely because if they dont' work they dont eat. making child labor laws is NOT what is going to solve the problem – last time these idiots made it illegal for children to work, they starved or had to prostitute themselves.

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