Question: “My wonderful wife is pregnant with our second child and I’m very excited to have another kid. As I ponder fatherhood, I get so scared that my kids might feel the same darkness and loneliness I felt when I grew up. I’m afraid that because I haven’t really addressed the pain of my childhood, that history will repeat itself and I’ll be like my father and my kids will cry as I did. What can I do, to make sure that if my kids feel pain, it’s not cause their father? How do I break the chains of bitterness so that it doesn’t affect my children? How can I keep my emotional baggage from affecting my children’s development?””

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  1. IF I had a father like that. I would have life in prison right now because I would taken a baseball bat to that fucker's head and never stopped pounding until he was nothing but a pile of spaghetti.

  2. this episode has turned into a soap opera. this man cries too much like a baby
    , he wasnt & isnt the only one who had the crap beaten out of him as a child by an approving culture. to cry about it tho into adulthood is a shitty as turning into the assholes who beat u.

  3. You've literally had your ''self'' beaten out of you. So you end up being a walking defense mechanism or zombie. An act in a sense.

  4. I know you love these people but if ever there was a reason to de-foo, you have more than legitimate reasons to do so. And more than that, you have a responsibility to your kids to never let these monsters have access to them.

  5. This is one of the best therapy episodes.
    I admire and identify with this gentleman on a very surreal level.
    My best wishes for him and his family, and their future. This was a crucially meaningful interview for me…

  6. Hey Po, hope you read this. My family lives outside Kansas City. My sister is a sociologist and a social worker. If you ever need support or friends, shoot me a private message.

  7. Finally, a guest for whom I have empathy. I wasn't treated that way as a child, so I use the word, "empathy" in the sense of understanding his continuing distress from such appalling treatment, rather than understanding how it is to experience such trauma. I wish him the very best, and I am sure he will never treat his kids that way.

  8. Horrifically brutal and revolting what this poor chap went through. An outrage. And yet, he is brave enough to break the cycle in his own family. God Bless him and his children.

  9. If this guy was hitting Poe when he was past 15, he was probably taking his life in his own hands. It's no secret that Polynesian men grow quickly and big.

  10. With all due respect. Get over it.  I was sexually abused and had my stepdad put a gun to my face protecting my mom and sister.  I'm glad the guy can talk about his difficulties. I would be even more glad for people to grow up with a genuine "Get up, Get over it, an Move on."

  11. I think the time has come Stefan molyneux got his own daytime show……couldnt pick a smarter, well versed, and intellectual person to pull it off

  12. Stef please ger rolling ASAP on making a colab' vid with Paul Watson because another attack just happened. Who, when and how will these people even start listening to people of actual reason? What the hell is going on, i am dead serious!

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