On Friday June 16th, Journalists Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec protested “Julius Caesar” by New York’s Shakespeare in the Park which features the nightly mock assassination of President Donald Trump. Loomer was arrested for interrupting the leftist assassination pornography and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. After years and years of passively “taking the high road” and losing – what happens when the right starts using the lefts own tactics against them?

Laura Loomer is an investigative journalist for TheRebel Media, who began her journalism career working undercover for Project Veritas from 2015-2017, uncovering corruption within the Hillary Clinton campaign, flaws and loopholes within the U.S. immigration system, and widespread voter fraud throughout the U.S.

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  1. i'm sure having some gross shrill woman screaming about how the democrats are all nazis doesn't hurt our side at aaaaall.

    thanks (((rebel media)))! you truly are our greatest allies!

  2. The modern left are an existential threat to western civilization.
    Anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating, clearly hasn't listened to Stefan long enough.
    The right has turned the other cheek for over a century and has NOTHING to show for it.
    It's time we stopped thinking that we'll be appreciated for staying silent / civil.

  3. gender inequality? this woman is smarter than any male leftist. open minded. pretty. brave. wow all those compliments…such mysoginy on my part. sorry

  4. Can't wait for Glenn Beck to condemn her for an hour on monday. Someone ought meet him at the punch for once, cuz ya know its coming…

  5. @Stefan Molyneux, I think it is time for you and Ben Shapiro to have THE DEBATE. I would love to see you bring in Ben Shapiro to debate the kind of issues currently discussed in this video and the broader issues relating to your video on `Play to win or go away'. It is going to be an EPIC DEBATE, please Stefan make it happen (I know it may be difficult to arrange but please try to make it happen).

  6. I think her display was pathetic personally…protest out front and make your feelings known in a common space. Let the liberals have their death fest, for everyone has the freedom to assemble, even if it is for sick shit like this. We should not have double standards. We didn't agree when Berkeley was shut down, why should this be any different?

    Laura Loomer is a hack and should be ashamed of herself. And Jack yelling You Are All Goebbels! is A.) NOT AN ARGUMENT, and B.) Not going to win anyone over. Pure stunt, which makes our cause look bad! EMBARRASSING

  7. This is some stupid shit! You are lowering yourself to their level and it is disgusting! It is stunts like this that we have hated the left for! We should NOT be supporting this kind of actions, it is embarrassing to the right.

  8. I understand the need to fight fire with fire and play by the rules of our enemies. But in this case, how is it helpful to disrupt a play like she did? When the Left does this sort of thing, it almost always backfires on them. It makes them look like intolerant authoritarians, makes their targets look like victims, and amplifies their message. How many people in the audience changed their opinions that night based on what she did? When the Right engages in these tactics, we gain nothing, but we lose the moral high ground. And that moral high ground is extremely important in this culture war.

  9. I can foresee a civil war in America.  Seriously. Conservatives versus crazy liberals.  It is fast getting that bad.  How awful, but the left seems unwilling to let the duly elected president do his job.  They are trying everything possible to bring him down and this sounds like an attempt to encourage his assassination. True evil at work.

  10. Very well stated, here. The thing is, there is a progression to evil. We have been seeing over the period of the Obama admin. evil being called good, wrong being called right, and right or good being called evil. Definitely in morality issues. It is to a point now where no one, republican or democrat, will say homosexuality or gay marriage is wrong any more. In fact this country celebrates it.  Now it is progressing where it is OK and acceptable to lie, (Washington Post and many MSM stations doing it daily), then it is OK to kill, although that has also been going on for years when we cheer when they bomb the crap out of a Middle East country. Now the violence is coming home against our very own people, up to and including the President. What if they did this play with Bernie Sanders or Maxine Waters as the lead? How would they like it? I hate to say but I feel so bad about myself now because I would be cheering. Same goes for a decapitated head. We are getting equally as bad as the late Roman Empire with their orgies (internet porn) and throwing Christians to the Lions for sport (our violent movies and now this kind of stuff). We have become completely numb to it. We are not at all far from complete disintegration and/or the wrath of God for our willful blindness, which is all that is really going on. There are bad things that happen in the dark. When we willfully lie and walk into it, bad things happen. And what I said is just barely scratching the surface…….I hope this video gets many many views…Thank You!!

  11. without power liberals are nothing, they're everywhere and nowhere at the same time,
    how can this be of any help to prepare fot the next election…it's robocop like entertainement.

  12. The world has gone mad…double standards….no respect for the Constitution…or President…wanting Sharia law….upside down and backwards morals

  13. Ah, so hypocrisy is alright? Fuck off, where better than people who shut others down, the Play can and should be allowed to go on. Why is it a surprise to you all the libtards are upset about this as well? You all should know by now their too thick to be introspective.

    Also, you do all know Julius Caeser is about, right? It's a warning against killing the guy in charge of the revolutionary movement right? And it was produced with "Obama" as Caesar in 2012.

  14. Rebel media inciting the news and violating others free speech, I wonder why u made this video. it's bad when bom did this to MILO and it's bad now.

  15. i feel that this is a rampening up of deep state subliminal messaging. pundits of theorized about it, they've discussed how many electors need to defect/die to prevent trump getting elected. they've put out songs about it. vox did a meme about how 3 GoP need to be killed to prevent obamacare repeal (shortly before scalise shooting). now they're acting it out in very bloody fashion on stage, and that only black men do it is very very deliberate. it's beyond sick, and it's because the NWO are beside themselves that Trump won. they intended to loot America just like they looted Russia and Trump is preventing that plan from coming into fruition. our country, our very freedoms depend on Trump staying in power. will he be able to withstand a deep state internal investigation headed by none other than Robert Mueller, the man who didn't even have a lead investigator on the IRS corruption case when he testified to congress a month after the investigation was said to have begun?

  16. She IS A Hero For Her Efforts TRUMP Should Give Her A Medal!!!
    I'm Gonna Look For Her Link And Send Her A Donation – I Encourage Everyone THAT IS ABLE To Do The Same.
    Every Little Bit Helps.

  17. The DNC Is NOW A DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, 1. They Support Violence Towards The President Of The United States 2. They Support The Overthrow Of The Local, State And Federal Government 3. They Support GLOBALISM Which Is A DIRECT ATTACK On America As A Sovereign Nation
    Do Not Support TREASON!!! Arrest Obama, Hillary, Podesta, Schultz, Soros, Lynch, Comey, These People Are CRIMINALS!!!

  18. I find this particularly dangerous because it validates claims from people like Charles Manson and Helter Skelter. That is truly terrifying to contemplate.

  19. People need to stop supporting globalist punks like Shapiro. He's NeverTrump for life and that won't change. He's the John McCain of political pundits.

  20. The mainstream media isn't criticizing this because "they don't know" about it – they know, but choose not to address it because it doesn't fit the narrative they are trying to push.

  21. What needs to be done to end this whole assassination promotion of Trump and members of congress, is simple. Pass a law that if you are some artist or media person and you promote assassination plays involving characters that resemble members of government, congress, and whatnot and someone gets inspired to go out and kill because of your work, you get to go to jail too as part of assisted provocation into making someone commit a murder. Does it make any sense? You get to do all your assination plays and whatnot, but if someone actually gets killed, you pay as well. Sounds very fair to me.

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