The European Union hopes to ratify plans for a combined, continent-wide army. EU politicians met in Brussels to thrash out details of the proposed force and will later vote on establishing an “EU-wide system for the coordination of rapid movement of defense forces personnel.”


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  1. You already have NATO, so what's the difference? The only difference is NO USA. So obviously the intention of the EU army is to challenge the USA. Americans should not allow this.

  2. The Americans in this comments section continue to amaze me with there logic on the idea that they can have a big army but if Europe builds one then it's some kind of fascist conspirisy. Europe is in a very difficult position with questionable US support with NATO which has its very existence under question and Putin biding his time waiting untill Europe is weak enough to strike. if we do not defend ouselfs then who will?

    To add I don't have particularly fond views on the EU it's self but militarily we are stronger together

  3. I'm from EU and most of the comments here are just funny! Yes we need our own army, nothing wrong with that! US has its own army, Russia has it… Why the EU can't have its own army? we can be super state and not anymore depending on US ..! I think it's a good thing if this happens. EU has the largest economy in the world.. So , why not military??? I'm for EU army.

  4. Of the 28 countries in NATO only five actually fulfill the commitment to spend 2% of their national GDP on defense. These five are obviously the US and the UK, but the other three are Greece, Poland and Estonia. By GDP the US, Greece and the UK are the highest contributors, but due to a number of factors (such as the economic situation in Greece) GDP isn't necessarily the best way of looking at contributions by each nation state. In real terms the greatest contribution by far is made by the US which is followed by the UK. Germany, which is the main proponent of the plans to create an EU army, only manages to contribute about half of its 2% GDP target which is really quite poor considering that it has the strongest economy in Europe. When Estonia and Poland manage to exceed their 2% defence target, as does Greece despite it's dire economic situation, it becomes clear that Germany is choosing not to pay what it agreed to. So why should we assume that they will be willing to pay their fair share for an EU inter-state army?

  5. Time for Europe to take her rightful place as the world's power. Europe would be unstoppable. This was Hitler's dream. The EU being formed by Nazis. 4th Reich. Sieg Heil

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