Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Seth Rich’s MURDER!


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  1. Why Is it people will now all of a sudden talk about Seth Rich. We know the Clintons had him murdered and had Monica Peterson murdered Victor Thorn John Ashe Vince Foster and about a hundred more people dead. And once again police cover it up. and do nothing and the MSM helps cover it up

  2. David you should really post your public key or Q codes to ETC BTC LTC so people could donate to your cause. I've been watching you way before the election. I know you've been taking a beating as a journalist. Put those keys up if you don't need the money donated to your favorite charities…..

  3. I tell you why the MSM says Seth Rich is fake news in a song. Because the Seth Rich murder case bone is connected to the pedo gate bone and the pedo gate bone is connected to the politicians bone and the politicians bone is connected to the corporate money bone and the corporate money bone is connected to the MSM bone… and what do the bones of the body do? Protect the squishy soft organs aka the elites.

  4. Just signed on Patreon at $5.00 month. Stop using the F-word, just indicates you lack adequate vocabulary and damages your credibility as well as that of your supporters. I'll increase support by $5.00 every month you don't say F.

  5. Look we know the old media are corproment whores. Forget about them. Your record stands for itself. Your audience doesn't listen to journotutes that work for the Washeduptoast. We follow you not them.

  6. Mr. Goodman, Do you know anything about J. Podesta's wife having some form of leadership position with the DC Police Dept.? It's possible that some of your DC sources know a bit more? Could be of interest… 73's

  7. Have you ever played any games of pool? Many balls moving in all sorts of directions on the table. Everything is suspect, which connects itself to each news story. Everything. Everyone.

    Remembering this will give you a great advantage for survival in life, when you read and listen.

  8. If Podesta gets immunity & protection we might even solve the vince foster murder.
    Get podesta protected soon. He who immunes first immunes best. Considering what he knows his life isnt worth a bucket of spit.

  9. News breaking May 17th. (reported on the Still Report) The Doctor who treated Seth Rich, says his wounds were not even life threatening. The Goons in Uniform probably fake uniforms at that, prevent Hospital staff from treating Seth Rich. A Guard is paced on his door. This looks like a Whack Job, or alternatively Seth Rich was taken into protective custody, after a failed murder attempt? …. This requires attention from Citizen Journalists. …. Quote:- " Good evening, I’m still reporting on ER Doc Who Operated on Seth Rich Says He Was OK Until … , 1639

    Synopsis: This is an anonymous source alert – and at least that’s more than either the Wash Post or the NYT has given you.
    A person on something called Boardnet – and within Boardnet, on something called – /pol/ – posted the following last Wednesday, May 17.
    “[I am a] 4th-year surgery resident here who rotated from WHC (Washington Hospital Center) last year, it won’t be hard to identify me but I feel that I shouldn’t stay silent.”
    ”Seth Rich was shot twice, with three total gunshot wounds (Entry and exit, and entry). He was taken to the OR emergency where we performed and exlap and found a small injury to segment three of the liver which was packed and several small bowel injuries (pretty common for gunshots in the back exiting the abdomen), which we resected—12 cm of bowel and left him in discontinuity (didn’t hook everything back up) with the intent of performing a washout in the morning. He did not have any major vascular injuries or otherwise. I’ve seen dozens of worse cases than this which survived and nothing about his injuries suggested to me that he’d sustained a fatal wound.”

  10. You're right David! We will never let this go. Seth didn't, and we should not either! Seth deserves no less, than every one of us to help expose who ordered his murder, "to make an example out of him!" Well, time we make an example out of Podesta!!!

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