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Looking at historical trends and cause and effect, it certainly appears that Western Civilization has been sabotaged. Stefan Molyneux looks at the crimes against western civilization and how they have been covered up as society disintegrates under the weight of cultural marxism.

The Welfare Trait: How State Benefits Affect Personality

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  1. Wow, this actually really woke me up to things I hadn't thought of before. I mean i knew the education system was fucked for a multitude of reasons but never like THAT how you just explained. Thank you for opening my eyes to something so obvious yet i was taught not to question

  2. I'm a hard science undergraduate, and even in my field of pathogens and immunology, myself and maybe two other people are not hard leftists. The universities need to go bust and be replaced with online degrees. I literally learn nothing from the lecturers and do all of my learning online anyway.

  3. A healthy male influence can make all the difference. Because of where I grew up and who I was raised by/around, I could have been a perfect feminist storm. I was lucky enough to meet someone who prevented that from happening. Unfortunately, many women aren't.

  4. Steph: teaching is very, very hard. That's why even with all those supposedly cushy benefits teachers have a huge attrition rate. Only the most intelligent, charismatic, and talented people end up making it. That's actually one of the biggest problems, because those people could make much more money elsewhere, for less work, and more respect.

    But the biggest problem is the students. Schools are overrun with illegal immigrants, and student with stupid parents. It is a hopeless situation. It was not always this bad. Basically we're all better off educating our own kids.

  5. I got in trouble at school at around the same age Stef for the exact same reason. It wasn't Disco that sucked but the (Toronto) Maple Leafs that sucked. I wore a "Leafs Suck" shirt to school when I was 12 or 13 and all the teachers/faculty freaked out over it. It made no sense to my adolescent brain at the time but I've gained understanding over time as to why the public system may have blown this up. If you're easily controlled, then you're easy to deal with by authority.

  6. Please, Stefan, I thought you understood that the economy rises and falls on the whims of 'the establishment'. I guess I'm wrong about that since you have once more blamed the baby boomer generation sheep for following the shepherd.

  7. As a Wildlife Biologist working for the USFWS I was forced to sign off on the destruction of threatened and endangered species habitat on every development proposal in exchange for a mediocre pay check upon which I was dependent.

  8. Never ceases to amaze me, keeps raising the bar, this is sublime, an actual figurehead for western civilization, Stef is achieving immortality here, his diatribes will be discussed and analysed long after he is a stiff.

  9. None of the objections that you raise to government influence are of any importance if government is run by and for men with a basic commitment to increasing public and private virtue and not to efficiency and economic maximization.

  10. The global elite one world order including the far left has partnered with Islam to destroy the west and rape is a huge part of it. Unless people wake up the west is doomed.

  11. "None of it" is about educating students? And then you mention the lack of critical thinking while simultaneously ripping common core…have you read the English common core standards? Here's a writing one for 12th graders:
    "Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence." Your problem with this standard? You are so full of shit in this video. You lack any kind of nuance or reasoning.

  12. Do you know why the gov. passed laws "forcing" kids to go to school? It was to combat the vicious child labor that was occurring in factories. Or is that type of "correcian" OK because the kids are getting "paid"?

  13. Did you just say there are more women as teachers because of the government and media? Really Stefan, since when did you become so illogical? Are you at all familiar with trait theory and its relation to gender? Women are more interested in ppl, men in things. This is the same argument used to defend why the STEM fields are dominated by men. You are being a reverse SJW here: women are teachers cuz the patriarchy!!! My god man, this video is garbage so far.

  14. Stockholm syndrome explains the entire talk. I think the most critical aspect to growth is learning to face your fears – you usually discover the danger the was imagined. Once we live beyond fear we are free individuals.

  15. Stefan, your education example is a total red herring. Yes, private education was better because only the well-off could go there. Obviously, literacy is going to be higher when you only accept the best of the best kids. Public education allowed everyone, even the poor, to attend schools, which naturally would result in a lower average overall because the pool is much larger. I'm not in favor of federally run educaiton, but your better than making grossly sweeping mischaracterizations.

  16. Stefan mentioned the word "values," and it got me thinking as to why I prefer Stefan to other YT commentators such as Styxenhammer. I cannot respect moral relativists such as the latter. However, Stefan believes that truth and rightness exist, and that human reason is capable of ascertaining their contents. Thanks, Stefan.

  17. John Lennon wrote some interesting lyrics for Working Class Hero that I think correlate to what you're saying on this subject.

  18. The 'Snowflake' that starts the avalanche which wipes out the shining city of freedom.. was that meant to be a double metaphor?

  19. How is Social Security any less coercive than government schools? And boomers paid into iit all our working lives, too. And there WAS a trust fund (after all "Boomers" were the largest generation in America ever), but LBJ quietly moved it to the "general fund" to hide the cost of the Vietnam "War" after he had JFK murdered.

  20. stefan, i am beginning a media organization, The No Sheep Zone media as another cog in the free truth wheel and am wondering what video equipment you use. because its phenominal. thanks and keep up the good fight.

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