The Eternal Flame, marking the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,’ has now been burning near Red Square for exactly 50 years.


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  1. That flame is clearly not eternal.
    Unknown huh….. I guess people like the word unknown, mystery, and all other nice ring words.

  2. It seems just like yesterday that the Jews killed him. We were taught Jack Ruby hurriedly shut Oswald up. I discover years later his real name was Rubenstein. Huh.

    The man who was Johnny on the Spot, with a camera (a luxury in those days), was another nice Jewish man, Abraham Zapruder. They wanted to send a message for sure.

  3. Close your eyes
    Give me you hand darling
    Do you feel my heart beating
    Do you understand
    Do you feel the same
    Or am my only dreaming
    Is this burning
    An eternal flame

  4. God bless German soldiers who fought against Bolshevik communists. they were overrun 1 to 20 still inflict many damage on communists. German soldiers respected the rule of war. you will never be forgotten.

  5. Hitler's thousand years Reich perished in 12 years and it was the Red Army who broke the will of the nazis to resist and were the not so superior aryan german wehrmacht was brought on its knees.

  6. Remembering always the losses of our Families from those times. Praying for it to never happen again… In JESUS Holy Name. Blessings…GOD bless you all….<3

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