A new poll suggests the majority of young Europeans are ready to join a full-scale revolt against the EU’s ruling elites. RT’s Maria Finoshina has the details.


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  1. Well all I can say is that`s good to be in Nigger and Arab free White Poland. The only time you see an Arab or a Negro is occasionally in Big cities mostly students or tourists.
    No Multiculturalism= No Problems

  2. we should all rebel against the world leaders…they destroyed our planet they never learn from history they are old and corrupt. our world is sick. Global revolution is what we NEED! and the french will start because they know how to stand up against their leaders!

  3. The only way you get your freedoms back is to fight and protest in fact make a revolution and keep at it until the change happens for the people.

  4. instead of in the streets with a lot of noise…quietly hunt down the Rothchild, Soros and all the elete and their spawn then in the middle of the night go elemate them…all of them.

  5. hey guys im gonna donate american firearms to your cause.
    the e.u. is smoking to much dick these days..
    you the people have the right to do something about it…
    your government is self destructive…
    i will pray for you guys…
    maybe my american bro's will donate firearms as well…
    your governments has placed themselves above you…
    we got those antifa fags over here in the states to so we understand your pain…
    when your balls drop again….
    i got your back…

  6. "There will never be a revolution in Germany as it is forbidden to step on the lawn."
    Should it happen nonetheless, I'd probably join. But not the antifa. … Coming to think of it, I'd probably lead. … Then again, maybe not. Have made too many bad experiences with pretentious selfish cowards. … You know what? I've done my share.

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