Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, answers audience questions at Victoria College at the University of Toronto, at an event hosted by Mises Canada called Liberty Now. Topics include the value of voting, the evils of the state, and fighting for the freedom of the future.

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  1. 14:00 yep the "gun in the room" argument was really too much for a lot of people on the internet. funny thing is that their "argument" ends up being just "look, he talks like a psycho!!"

  2. "I would like to work for your company." "Ok, great. We do have certain rules you must AGREE to follow in order to work here. We AGREE to hire you if you AGREE to follow these rules." "Ok, well what if I don't agree with some of these rules?" "Well then, because we live in a free society, we are free to hire to hire whoever we want, and we only hire people who AGREE to follow our rules."

  3. I love the idea of an-cap in general – truly. However, what I cannot get my head round is this. In the Free Market you have businesses and they work with other businesses and consumers – all in a voluntary way (great). However, those businesses do have management and leaders (CEOs, CFOs, etc) and rules, which they enforce. If you work there you must stick to them or get fired . So surely society needs some sort of leadership and rules as well? No? Or am I missing something?

  4. It's easy to maintain credibility if you advocate defending oneself against the initiation of violence. Blocking a punch is not initiating violence. Defending yourself is not a violent act. Sheltering your wealth and reducing the amount of tax you pay is not violent. Using cash and bitcoin is not violent. Do you really think it is so hard?

  5. What is Stefan referring to around 9:45, when he is talking about someone who presented Obama policies as Romneys to a bunch of people who thought they were terrible because it was Romney?
    That sounds extremely useful, as I live around a LOT of those people.

  6. Ah yes, the old bait n' switch. Liberty later. Much much later. For now, everyone keep paying your taxes. And don't even think about being late. Keep doing what you've always been doing. Go along to get along. Be afraid of the gun in the room. Don't challenge authority and you won't get hurt. NAP is fantastic.

  7. I love this…blame the President for the success of the nation…FACT: Government revenues grew dramatically under Reagan's economic policies. FACT: Congress gets to spend the money.

    Where were the Checks and Balances? FACT: The Judiciary had already been Constitutionally compromised through FDR.

    However, I appreciate the Sales Position it offers Molyneux.

  8. I cant say I agree with any of this. Pollution caused by oil isnt due to greed, its self interest. That same self interest that has you put gas in the tank to get to work, to support your "greed"

  9. The sad thing is, data doesnt support that. Heres the reality: there will always be a force of people who hold more power than others, either politically or otherwise, and they are gonna get the best picks of things, where a man wont lead he follows, and most people truly WANT someone to lead them. Wouldnt a system where any man with the determination and right idea could become wealthy? some of the wealthiest people of our time started from humble beginings, poor schooling etc. Whats wrong that

  10. Great video!, thanks for that. Very inspirational too, because it makes the case that excellence is achievable by anyone…an individual just has to put the work in.

  11. i tend to say… look at reality… how many people murder(war), steal(tax), etc, in the name of government, compared to those who do it privately… its not even close…

  12. Really nice to see you in a classroom stef, I really admire your skills at speaking to an audience with humor while still keeping the really important content in there.

  13. First I ask them if they think 'they' would instantly turn into a rampaging psychopath if there were no government. Then I ask if they are friends with anyone who would (and if so why?). And then I quickly interject that a stateless society does not mean a society without rules and enforcement, just that the rules would be ones that we have consented to rather than having had forced upon us.

    But my tactic is not particularly refined. There might well be better.

  14. Stef, or whomever can answer, what do YOU say to people(as a picturesque equivalent) when they say that a stateless society would be more violent, Mad Max, etc.? I tend to say ebay, but it is never enough, remember as you are dealing with emotional reactions(fear) instead of reason-based(evidence) reactions.

  15. Seeing Stefan for the first time here in person validated that he actually exists and that he's not just some floating head behind a computer monitor.

  16. 09:40
    Stefan, this guy was Luke from WeAreChange… although he kind of believes in welfare and democracy its a shame not knowing him! His interviews with some of the most powerful people like Kissinger, Rothschild and Rockefeller will have real historical value for future generations…and not the interviews this psychopaths had with some idiot from CNN or the other propagandamedia!!

  17. Exactly, most people just pick one of the two major parties who are literally identical in terms of policy. They will only debate 1 or maybe 2 pieces of legislation during election campaigning, both heavy socialist parties (the "right wing" one are the "liberals" – who banned guns, if that is any indication).

    You aren't meant to spoil your ballot, but because it is a secret vote they can't stop you. Lol, I think you have it the other way round – their god is politics, human rule is amoral.

  18. That's a strange system for sure and gives false legitimacy to the parties up for election. Is spoiling your ballot paper an option?

    I'm not a fan of religion but I do think its good that JWs don't think their god should be involved in politics. I know this because they keep coming to my house and giving me magazines.

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