The truth about rising gas prices, the stock market, & Warren Buffett’s taxes


Schiff Report Video Blog Feb. 27th 2012

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  2. I wish Bill Maher would have Peter Schiff on his show, but that would never happen because Schiff is not some strawman conservative whom Bill Maher can easily outwit.

  3. it's just me or when it comes to warren buffet and taxes this guy is complaining about a problem that affects 1% of the population? as my uncle would say, way to care about the minorities, son!

  4. If Schiff is so smart and knowledgeable about the stock market and whats going on then how come his EuroPacific funds lose an annual 6.5% YOY? Has anyone seen his EuroPac funds? All they do is lose money. 

  5. Love your videos and economic positions. Just a quick comment for you Peter.Has anyone ever told you that you sound just like (voice, tonality, speaking style) Yale psychology professor Paul Bloom?

  6. How does paying taxes to subsidize the prices of gas magically make it cheaper? You think I am better off paying taxes to lower the price for myself- or for a corporation with a fleet of thousands of vehicles? Maybe we would care more about fuel efficiency for our transport needs if the benefits were more obvious. Corporatist must make you want something for them to have power over you.

  7. How do you know that Buffet's motive for giving to charity is to avoid taxes? Did he explicitly say that he's doing it for that reason? I'm not defending him so much as I am asking out of curiosity.

  8. you mentioned everything but the downward slide of peak oil as being a factor for the price of gas. what? and the largest producer of oil in the world has said that their supply is half gone already. that with the doubling population will drive use 2x therefore in 10 years we will be completely, out of gas.

  9. @JagermeisterDetox – In EUROPE it is so expensive cause Crude OIL is traded priced in DOLLARS. That is why USA getting cheap OIL and they mean of protecting that privilege Iraq Afghanistan Syria Libya.
    USA cities are build so that you can not go anywhere without CAR.
    In Europe cities are made so that you can take your bike little motorized bicycle anywhere bus trolly. Amsterdam Holland is made for bicycles and small motorize bikes. 

  10. I agree……I don't know why people did not see it coming. Or have they forgotten that bailing out the banks with the wild printing of money would not create inflation? The economy is a ponzi skeem.

  11. We're in the final years of the current industrial revolution which is an unsustainable model for the current world population of 7 billion. 

  12. Try looking into how much of that money that Buffet gives away he actually as control of and access to on the back end without paying one dime in taxes himself!

  13. Oil peak is starting to hit hard and most are not recognizing this fact. It will get much worst because the easy gas we could extract is way past it's prime. It is getting much more dangerous and expensive to drill deeper to get this new gas and it makes it so a gallon of gas at 2.50 is not possible anymore but sure we can drill when the prices hit 5.00 a gallon but then no one can pay for it so you see the game of cheap oil is over for ever and no president will ever make any difference now.

  14. Thats because of the complete lack of confidence and trust in government.My chances % wise of hitting the lotto are higher than the congressional approval rating. People hate and distrust this government. We had a bill shoved down our throats that we had NO clue what the hell it pertained. And then when we do find out what's in it; half of it doesn't even pertain to healthcare! People rally against Obama care because they have no clue what to expect from it aside from higher premiums

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