The majority of the US public is not aware of what exactly was exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden because media coverage focused on the messenger, not the message, the director of the biopic ‘Snowden’, Oliver Stone, told RT.

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  1. UNFORTUNATELY The most recent Truth appears to be Trumps support of steam rolling ahead with so called CounterTerrorism Surveillance impositions and controls dominating the masses already in place, yet now entrenching them wider and further than ever before. Anyone who earlier thought Trump might be a Gandhi and oppose this, while pardoning Snowden and Assange is sadly mistaken. Frankly it would take more than a miracle to turn back this savage Orwellian clock.

  2. WHY !!! People keep saying that Obomber needs to pardon Ed Snowden ?
    Pardon what ? The arrogant people in power are the ones to ask the citizens for pardon as they are the ones who broke the law. Piece of sh.t this arrogant US government, it makes you want to vomit.

  3. I saw Obama say he would like to return to only 2 or 3 news corporations giving us the news. Yea, right, Obama, good luck with that, freedom hater.

  4. Oliver Stone…
    Thank you for your work and I pray that you stay safe and keep showing the masses the true critical theories involved with the public media events…. Events that are misconstrued with MSM systematic lies and manipulation.
    I appreciate you and everything you do. Sincerest regards to you.
    (Like you're ever going to read THIS—-lol)

  5. I hope now people understand that many of the so call terrorism that took place for the pass decade are all by design and engineer by the western intelligent agency and not muslim people. They created many false flag around the world including classic 911 to all shooting in Europe all in the name to created world wide surveillance state.

    Alot of sheep wont admit it and prefer to believe it was muslim who are behind it including 911 because its an opportunity to support their claim that Islam is the anti chris. Many Christian also dont like the idea that islam is the fastest growing religion in the world so regardless if someday they find the truth they will gladly close their eyes and ears and pretend they never knew any of it sad but its true

  6. The neo-cons are not surveilling us. It's the progressives. You clearly didn't notice the switch that happened over a decade ago. America went from backing foreign regimes to deposing them and it all gets lumped under the mantra of 'America interfering'. Around the same time the U.S. government started the massive surveillance.

  7. America has zilch control in Space. Far from it too. HOORAY!
    However, whilst on the topic, why all the ET / UFO secrecy allll these years?
    Disclosure is a priority on my Trump 'To Do' List. :)

  8. We specifically remember in the film that Snowden teaches us of the US govt placing nefarious and destructive entities in the infrastructure of currently friendly countries, in order to be able to harm said countries if they should fail to obey the US govt dictates. This fits perfectly with what revered Democrat foreign policy figure Brzezinski advocates as a component of US geostrategy, "To maintain dependence among the vassals." To quote the perceptive and intelligent Putin, the US govt doesn't want partners, it wants puppets and vassals.

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