PizzaGate Is 100% Real, Why Is Media Lying?


PizzaGate is entirely real, which is perhaps why the massive mainstream media cover-up attempt – to label PizzaGate as a “fake news onslaught” (whatever that is) without reviewing ANY of the pertinent facts or Wikileaks emails – is so troubling for those of us with a moral compass. They’re covering for a child trafficking and abuse ring operating in Washington, DC. That is not okay. None of this is okay.



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  1. Well that would mean that the main stream big wigs are directly involved in PizzaGate itself. They most likely are on the inside and it would bring them down with it.

  2. I think everyone will find a connection with the same pattern dating back to the Nebraska "Franklin Cover up" which reached DC. Larry King was convicted of financial fraud but the pedophile sex ring was covered up. He got 15 years back in 89' and should be now out of prison. Back in DC? He owned a home on embassy row where the DC politico-pedi parties took place. These activities ran during the Bush-Clinton-Bush administrations. Do we really think they stopped under the Obama administration?

  3. How does Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry avoid the connections to PizzaGate? In particular Miley Cyrus has pedophilia "coded" messages that are visual. Google Miley Cyrus – kissing doll, pizza, hotdog images. All this is closely aligned to the pedophile network and satanic worshipping. Next Google Katy Perry for pizza. Next Google macaulay culkin pizza band. This Satanism is all over the entertainment industry and hollywood. This PizzaGate related Satanism is the tip of the iceberg that's been going on for years. It's that powerful that they became complacent and arrogant to being untouchable.

  4. The entire government/banking/police/judiciary/news ALL have paedophiles in high places ensuring their nefarious activities are allowed to go on without justice for the victims. Why was Pope John Paul's advisor on the Church's paedophilia scandal, Cardinal Riccardo Seppia, arrested for soliciting little boys? Why was nothing done to anyone involved in the Franklin Scandal? Why was only Jerry Sandusky arrested when he was obviously pimping children to people in high places? Why was only Jared from Subway, and one other guy, arrested when there was obviously a ring of people pimping underage kids to them? Why did Prince Charles hang out with Jimmy Savile, rapid Satanic paedophile? Why did Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew hang out numerous times with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein? Why was Frederic Mitterand allowed into high level positions in the French government after writing a book about f@cking kids in Thailand? I could on for days with all of the things these monsters have done, but the common people do not care. They refuse to believe their heroes could do anything wrong, and it's because they might have to get up off their lazy arses and do something to stop it if they believe and face the truth.

  5. i can tell u why the media dont talk about pizzagate, it dont fit the agenda! this pedophils are jews and homos. they dont wanna make jews and homos look bad.

  6. Remember " If you see something say something"? If you or I or anyone else for that matter posted even ONE of the disgusting things he had on his social media they would be braking down our doors! And rightfully so!

  7. I'm going through my own emails and changing key words to mean "child" and other key words to mean "molest".

    Holy crap. I had no idea what a horrible person I apparently am. HOW DID I NEVER SEE THE CODE IN MY OWN EMAILS BEFORE!?

  8. Pizzagate is a perfectly orchestrated Fuck You and jokes on you
    to the suspecting AND unsuspecting public. I don't doubt that there are
    pedophile rings
    and codewords, but I'm beginning to think that this is all set up by
    the elites just to show that they indeed can get away with anything,
    including being pedophiles with a smoking gun. Even the term "Pizzagate"
    sounds like it came from some strategists to make it less serious and
    playlike. Now we have these buzzwords given to us like "Alt. Right and
    MSM" that are supposedly meant for people to choose a side. I honestly
    think these terms were given to certain people to spread so other people
    can parrot this shit.

    I think the Alt. Right and The MSM are both
    equally infiltrated by the elite and people faking to be seeking the
    truth. All of the terminology, the times these stories were leaked and
    the convenience of it all is starting to look very funny in the light.
    All of these string of events perfectly unfolding….being argued,
    debated, dismissed and then brought back up again is starting to seem
    more systematic then random occurrences.. There is no "Alt. Right" of
    any significance that isn't apart of controlled opposition if it makes
    it anywhere near the mainstream. That's why I think Alex Jones and
    Infowars are in on the entire collusion. Nothing trends on Twitter
    unless it's supposed to. It all starts from the very top and we at the
    bottom get it later like it's some kind of golden goose of truth for us
    to crack and discover when it was really bait all along. I realize that
    now. It just doesn't feel right….none of it feels real.

    PIZZA….James Alefantis which really translates in French (A Romantic
    language) to I like children. This is too perfect and contrived!!!!

    This isn't a story, this is a big fuck you to everyone who isn't a
    satanist or a child raper/murderer. They're basically saying, we control
    it all and we're going to ride off in the sunset with kidnapped
    children at our disposal and there ain't shit you can do about it. We
    give you both sides of the story and it's just one elaborate easter egg
    hunt for adults who think they're waking up.

  9. Keep up the good work David. The liberal media are all involved in this. Otherwise why wouldn't they be all over this? The whole thing is highly disturbing, but especially the unwillingness of the prime time media's willingness to report this.Please keep this up. Don't let it drop. All theses bizarre goings on need to be exposed and proscecuted.

  10. Great video!  Good points!  cbs is very satanic, the others are too.  They'll have a lot of fun in hell, I hear it's nice this time of year!  REPENT AND BE RAPTURE READY!

  11. Stay safe my friend. Thank you for speaking out on this unspeakable horror. The longer the public remains in ignorance, the longer our children will suffer.



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