“A Gold Backed World is a Terrible Mistake” : Bill Still – Part 1 of 2


SGT speaks with Bill Still, filmmaker and producer of ‘The Money Masters’ and “The Secret of Oz’ and author of the new book ‘No More National Debt’. Part 1 of 2.

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  2. Yes! Currencies need not be backed be only gold or silver, but copper, salt, petrol, alcohol, vegetable oil, land, or any other durable, exchangeable commodity. It is impossible to monopolize the issue of money in such a hypothetical scenario wherein money is issued in free competition between banks and credit unions.

  3. Bill Still is a true patriot. He deserves the Congressional Medal of Freedom. He is exactly correct in that control of the money supply is absolute authority of economics and politics. The Federal Reserve Corporation is such a monopoly. They can make money in any type of market, and indeed, they manipulate the market to increase their control.

  4. You're right, the government will never issue debt-free money….willingly. So, we must DEMAND it. If it comes to it, we must FORCE them. The only thing preventing it is the widespread ignorance of the American people, which videos like this are trying to remedy.

    Do you doubt for one second that if every American suddenly understood this topic like we do, that we would have a debt-free money system by year's end? Enlightening the masses is the only solution. Spread the knowledge brother.

  5. Gold backed money would only prevent inflation if the govt. didn't print more paper than the amount of gold in the vault. What's to stop them from committing fraud and over printing like the goldsmiths did in ancient times?

    The answer is WE THE PEOPLE. We must monitor and control our government and force them to not overprint, whether the money is backed by gold or not. So, the bottom line is the money does NOT have to be backed by gold. All that's needed is for us to control our treasury.

  6. Well, there isn't enough gold and silver in the majorities hands.

    Oh, and on the ounces of gold. I rather barter with grams.

    On the silver side. scottsdalesilver just recently started making 1/2 ounce coins and grams for silver.

  7. @patriotadEEUU There doesn't need to be a certain amount of gold or silver. One ounce of gold is enough, just split into smaller amounts. Of course there are billions of ounces of gold and silver, so you really don't have to divide it into such small amounts.

    The "not enough" argument is an old tired one that was stupid in its inception.

  8. @MoneyIsSilver

    There also isn't enough gold and silver.

    Fiat money would be the way to go, but [Govern]-[Men]ts always abuse that responsibility. Endless wars, inflation due to over printing. Always got to have a crisis to expand the money supply.

    You know, it also passed my mind that Bill could be a Mason.

  9. @ytiroirp

    The only problem is that they will never print debt free money and there isn't enough gold/silver.

    They've been planning this New World Order for a long time. Do you actually believe they will let that go now?

    So, no, Congress/government will never issue debt -free legal tender paper money again.

    A little enlightenment on people's part and now they believe they can stop what they can't control.


  10. @MoneyIsSilver Money is what the government says it is. Commodities can be used to barter.How much is an ounce of gold or a pound of cheese? pricing these items relative to other commodies is ridiculous.
    Money is a proxy for labor and does not need intrinsic value. Good money facilitates trade and it's value is readily recognized , for example a $5 bill is worth $5. I don't have to weigh it or assay it to know that. A $5 bill is REAL money that I can trade for commodities.

  11. "Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men's protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper. This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary power of an arbitrary setter of values." (think Federal Reserve Act -1913)

    private central bank vs public central bank = a false argument pushed by Bill Still the masonic shill. The REAL problem is FIAT money

  12. @ytiroirp Real money is just a commodity, whether it be gold, silver, cheese, salt, or hemp – it has to be something that people VALUE in and of itself, and not because of a government mandate.


  13. @ytiroirp A "gold standard" is a straw man argument. Using something of real value for a currency like gold doesn't require and government "standard". A gold standard just means a piece of paper with a government promise of gold.

    People are just stupid. They trade their energy – something that should be of immense value to them – for worthless pieces of paper that required zero energy from those who created it. Its a siphoning off of value.

  14. @414pwz That's a stupid argument. You're basically saying that because the rich people have all the goods, we should use something worthless for money that they can print endless amounts of to buy whatever meager goods we have left and then our souls. Fuck your stupid logic. If there was only one gram of gold in the world it would still be money that could be traded. As it is now, there is shitloads of silver all over. Yes, the name calling is necessary cause you're a fuckwad.

  15. @louis345 Ok, let's debate. A 100% bank system would mean no lending unless depositors made time deposits equal to the terms of the loans. This also means the banks would eventually own all the gold through the scant credit, and I mean scant. May as well go back to feudal times.

    Name ONE gold standard that worked.

  16. @MoneyIsSilver The gold and silver market is cornered. And how do we expand that well if the population grows? Is there even enough gold and silver on the planet to take over as the reserve currency? There are 6 billion people here. They are who has value. Their energy. It needs no precious resource to define it. It is its own. Money by the people, for the people. The name calling is not necessary.

  17. @414pwz Wrong. Money has to have its own value. Anything that is worthless and given value by some dictate is a recipe for destruction as the money creators will inevitably create extra money for themselves.

    Real money like gold and silver (and now bitcoins) are accepted on the free market without any government mandate because they have their own value, and can't just be created out of thin air.

  18. @ytiroirp That's stupid. NO ONE SHOULD PRINT MONEY. Its not authorized in the Constitution either. Bill Still is a mason cointel fuckhole who needs to be dragged to the guillotine. The constitution gives Congress the power to COIN MONEY – big difference.

    Money has to have its own value and be created BY THE FREE MARKET – NOT GOVERNMENT or a GOV created bank.

  19. @GtheMVP The only reason that the elites are able to manipulate gold and silver is because they can print however much paper money they need to buy as much as they want. If you can set the price of a national currency its easy to manipulate ALL prices.

    Money has to be from the free market and of its own objective value. Bill Still is cointel and pushing for congress to print money cause that changes nothing.

  20. @mickeysears This issue is quite simple. Money VOLUME. Paper, coin, dog shit. It doesn't matter if the volume is regulated on a per capita basis. Also, debt and interest free is crucial. The Fed loans us our own money at interest. The Fed's "owners" used fractional reserve practices to multiply our initial stake in the Central Bank and loaned it to themselves to buy their shares. They’re fraudulent criminals. United States tender; no interest, no debt, on a per capita fixed ratio.

  21. @mickeysears

    Legal tender laws. In the end people decide what money is.

    It's all psychological in the end.

    Debt free money is a great idea, but [govern][men]t is never honest.

    “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero.” – Voltaire

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