“Bitcoin is rare, and soaring.” // US$718


Bitcoin is soaring again, and global 24 hour trading volume surpassed US $129,000,000.
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  1. Hi David. Nice to see you have come around to the gold camp. I came from a gold, silver background to bitcoin and zerohedgers HATE BITCOIN!! Nice to see someone like you that thinks for themselves. I hold a BBC philosophy. Bullion, bitcoin, cash in that order. Working great for me.

    Cheers and keep up the good work. :)

  2. Hey David,
    I had a "eureka" idea regarding a charity based on BC for poor, let's just say for example African communities. My treatment I wrote a few months ago is only a page long. Would you be willing to take a look at it? If this were realized, it would bolster BC while employing one of its inherent benefits.

  3. I noticed a change in your videos a while back when it seemed to me at least that you became a little anti-bitcoin and pro-ethereum instead. Then it seemed like you were equally pro-gold-bitcoin-ethereum, and now it looks a little like you are back to being more pro-bitcoin. Nothing wrong with updating your opinions on things on a regular basis as the landscape changes. Smart people re-evalutate things all the time. Personally I think Ethereum is way overpriced for what it is, and bitcoin is way underpriced for what it is. So I am pro-bitcoin and dont have any Ethereum and probably wont buy any unless the price drops by at least 50% and I want to speculate.

  4. Cliff freaking High predicted this with Bitcoin skyrocketing days/weeks ago. He's something else. Also predicted Hillary's health fallout on 9/11 and he also said "CONFUSION" for the end of the Presidential race. Well, with the FBI appearing to re-open her e-mail case – WE'VE GOT CONFUSION. Oh, and he also says Trump wins. :)

  5. Add BTC to portfolio (again) this week. Just today picked up 1849 US $1 Gold Coin on ebay. FYI 3/3/1849: The United States Congress passes the Gold Coinage Act allowing the minting of gold coins. CA gold rush began 1/24/1848. The gold-seekers, called "forty-niners" (as a reference to 1849), often faced substantial hardships on the trip.

  6. How do you square the valuing Bitcoin into a fiat currency? By The value of the ink and paper and maybe the effort which goes into producing distributing it not the circulating supply of that fiat currency. Does that $718 USD only refer to the bank notes (I.e. The paper money). If it were 100 US pennies or 20 nickels would it be the same?

  7. It won't matter how high it goes when the dollar becomes worthless. The essentials needed to stay alive should be of first priority. You do not want to be caught without food, water, shelter, etc. A credit collapse would cause unimaginable panic. If you were the only one with the essentials needed for life, would you trade those essentials for bitcoin, gold, silver, etc.? Be careful, make sure you are ready for anything. Which is virtually impossible for no one knows the future.

  8. This is just mind-boggling on so many levels.

    Weiner's whole modus operandi back when he was in office as (City Council then House of Reps) was acting holier-than-thou whenever he felt "The Right" did something inappropriate. As a lifelong NYer, few things were more irksome than having to watch him yell at the top of his lungs on an almost daily basis whenever Giuliani made a decision–any decision–any he felt compelled to come down on the other side of it. Then, the sexting scandal and thankfully (we thought) he was history. The media ignored his hypocrisy but he was gone and that was all that mattered. Then his "comeback" mayoral run where people actually voted for him. If I stopped right there it would be hard to believe…But then he's back in the public eye doing fill-in at radio shows and such until he's busted again for sexting a 15-year-old. Electronic devices seized.

    Cut to the other Democratic scandal du jour and Hillary is walking on water while the FBI and Justice Dept. look the other way and clear her of any wrongdoing when those who've done a fraction have received prison sentences. But…politics, whatever. She calls Trump a sexist but he's not much more than foul-mouthed guy when the reality is that her husband has a score of sexual assault cases that she's helped to cover up. She calls him a liar when she lied about Benghazi, the emails and dozens of other persecutable acts most notably pay-for-play with foreign governments. Anyway, you get the idea. Once again she lectures and the media ignores the hypocrisy.

    Now this…Hillary's ultimate undoing at the hands of the pervert married to her right-hand-woman, Huma Abedin, who supposedly has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and whom many have accused of being her secret lover. If this was a political thriller nobody would buy the book because it'd be too unbelievable.

    Now the fun begins…was Huma Abedin stealing and selling secrets? We're her and Weiner doing it together? Was Hillary funneling State secrets through Huma for payola? Indeed…now the fun begins.

  9. It's almost certainly the government doing that anti-bitcoin trolling. They have a vested interest in keeping everyone in the dollar. And that vested interest is their own political and economic power. They want to retain the ability to steal your money whenever they want to (through money printing). If most Americans started using bitcoin then the government would quickly lose power because it would be similar to going back on a gold standard, everyone would be relatively free from inflation, and the government would have to start raising taxes or something else and then the theft would be more obvious and people would get angry and fight back and then there might be revolution and the government doesn't want that, and it also doesn't want people opposing their own economic oppression.

  10. Bitcoin never hard forked. = Bitcoin is becoming obsolete, even though price has risen to 718.00.

    Ethereum is on a different blockchain than bitcoin.

    The reason why bitcoin has maintained its value is because of the unknown.

    There is no evidence in the belief that bitcoin is viewed as gold, or that somehow bitcoin is backing all the other cryptocurrencies, is just in people minds, and not a reality. Only that in our past, gold did back the dollar, where we carry that idea over to bitcoin.

    There is more value in bitcoin's blockchain than bitcoin alone, and represents people's fear, and belief that the price will keep rising because of some type of future demand, which is more like a trap, similar to the 29 stock collapse.

  11. Gold and Silver still rule over any other forms of money. With the touch of a few buttons Bitcoins can be rendered useless and you'd be bankrupt because it's tied to technology. Which I'm sure people with superpower and funds can manipulate, i.e. governments i.e. USA

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