Peter Schiff on Yahoo! Finance Breakout (11/14/2013)
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  1. When the dollar collapses the madness won't end…the very people who created this problem will offer a solution & it will be ultimately worse than the first. Though to the many desperate people, it will initially seem as a good thing.

  2. +Peter Schiff  I've been listening to you say that the sooner the collapse of the dollar the better so 'there can be a solution to the problem.'

    Do you really think that the U.S. government will or has ever provided a solution to or for the economy? You know exactly how reckless congress and the Fed is, yet you make it appear that they'll 'fix' what they broke.

    I don't  believe they'll fix anything; more so, they'll make it much worse and drive lower income families to homelessness and an economy spiraling out of control. That's all they know; they're not economists, they're politicians, which should conclude that they're as clueless on how to run the country, much less restore the economy. 

    They'll keep drinking from the spike kool-aid as usual until chaos ensues and lets every person fend for themselves. Seriously, what is the real solution to the problem?

  3. USA is on the decline
    Japan is on the decline
    Europe is on the decline and will do the same with LTRO

    Where will be the next wold financial center ? Jerusalem ?
    What will be the next wold empire ? Israël ?
    What will be the next monetary system ? Electronic money ?

    Will we live this…

  4. US economics has gone from smoking crack to been hooked on heroin. USD needs to hit rock bottom for the intervention can get started. When will we see Fed on Dr. Phil? 😉 You gotta love this when you sitting full invested in silver and gold and watching this soap opera from northern europe. Detroit will soon be something you see in whole USA. We gonna soon see intangible gold and silver have it's own price and paper gold/silver havin another 😉 Long Ultra ETF's with backed up gold can be lucrative tho, good luck

  5. Oh come on Peter. I have been listening to and believing your cock and bull stories since 2008 collapse when "Peter Schiff" was correct. But even a stopped watch shows correct time twice a day. You have been propounding the "dollar" collapse and gold to the moon theory for years. Your predictions have fallen flat on the face and you keep pushing with the same stuff. I pity those who still believe in you and your half baked theories. You are an honest man, but you don't seem to grasp the facts. You can be wrong for sometime, but look at you – you have been in the wrong side continuously for past 4-5 years! I have no reason to believe in what you say.

  6. 1:35 How does a pencil eraser get to erase a lifetime of thought that proves to cause the opposite effects described? If you are so wrong, how do you then get to be the chair person of the Fed? Think of it as a mathematical axis… If I am -1 billion on the line how do get to come the whole way to 1 billion on the other side of the axis? Janet Yellen has twice as far as any person starting at zero in correctly assessing conditions in an economy. She is worse than someone who knows nothing.

  7. No one ever mentions the positive aspects of Yellen. She has a grating, annoying way of talking. She is the perfect spokesperson for bullshit. Chin up everybody.


  9. I hope she is as clueless as Pete said Big Ben was the last five years.  I need another 166% over the next five years like the Bernank and US corporations have delivered while bugs taken to the poor house!  Pete is so worried someone besides himself might be deemed to have brains when it comes to money matters that he bashes the heck out of Fed Chair.


  11. Too many haters on Schiff. What is wrong with selling precious metals like Gold and Silver? You can help people save "real" constitutional money and make a living. Everybody barking about you want a date when the collapse is going to happen. It's probably after the holidays like Gerald Celente thinks because there is too much money to be made during that time. I'm sure the "Elite" will not go ahead with the collapse untill they know the will be able to turn it into something they can benefit off.

  12. We all know when the collapse comes Schiff will be blamed for it and the sheep (80% of the U.S. population) will believe Schiff caused it and will be looking for him to be burned at the stake.

  13. Please go to NY times to read about the article about Wen's family.
    Who is Lily Chang related to the big US investment bank.
    That's a small small issue between USA and Chinese communist party!
    The total objective is to exploit and run away asap. I don't believe China can still maintain their PMI at 7.8 anymore because the domestic buying power is no way as strong as USA. Due to the poor medical system and policy. People prefer to transfer their money by a black market out of China or save in their bank rather to keep on spending. Corruption, pollution, misleading economic data, poor auditing and accounting system, poison food. Shadow bank, Country Stability and monitoring fund and one child policy is a big big issue to kill their people and their local economy.

  14. The "Federal Reserve" was created by large banks in 1912 so that they would no longer rely solely on deposits to make loans.  They can simply print money at the Reserve and "loan" it to member banks…….what a sweet deal.  These days they do not have to print the money….it is simply "key stroked" into the system electronically.  Bottom line…..eventually the money will be in such great supply that it becomes WORTHLESS.  Wake up Teller121…..We have been on a boom/bust cycle since the Fed was "created" by the banks.  We are all suckers by borrowing from these scammers.  Self reliance is the key to prosperity NOT borrowing currency.  Dave Ramsey will show you the way. 

  15. I agree your prediction but unfortunately that must take a long time to happen! Because China is a big issue. Chinese communist party members and their relative really need to transfer their money to USA and some European countries. That's the whole shitty game they are playing now. China will keep on buying US Bond in order to maintain China political stability. C.M.P. is worried about to lose their power to control their people. They have to exploit their people and resources asap before C.M.P. step down eventually. That's why they are the same group of people to play this game. Keep on printing money. Who cares… Because this world is still controlled by less than 0.01% of people or maybe less!! One example is happening now to shift the production line to other Asia countries from China. That's a big chip to push China keep on buying US Bond and invest real estate properties in USA.

  16. Oh boy. More of the same. Peter Schiff keeps predicting doom every year. His predictions failed for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and now 2013. Meanwhile he runs a company that helps people buy gold and other assets. How convenient.

  17. We are going to have records now in Christmas shopping (Presents),,, the irony and extremely funny part,,, half of the record is food… I bet very few people give out food in Christmas presents… LOL

  18. Why not Peter Schiff for Fed Chairman?  I think Peter meets the basic requirements.

    The first major requirement is you must be Jewish.  Other requirements are you must be an Israeli citizen and a zionist loyal to the Jewish banking mafia controlled by Lord Rothschild.

    In the last 50 years has there ever been a Fed Chairman that wasn't Jewish and a citizen of Israel?  Same question about Treasury Secretary?  It seems strangely criminal that a group who are less than 2% of our population must control all of the money while creating unlimited wealth out of thin air for themselves.  Not to mention stealing the national gold reserves which congress refuses to audit under threat from the Jewish/Israeli Lobby.

  19. As is typical of Schiff, I think he's right.  The fact that few others will admit such things or bother to understanding the reasoning behind his pronouncements is also not new or surprising.  We are going to experience an absolute calamitous collapse.

  20. They all are not that stupid as Peter claims. They know exactly what they are doing even if they say otherwise. Wealth transfer is in the works. 

  21. Peter Shiff, you are an honest man. Can't help but to like and have a profound respect for you because you tell the truth.

    Mr Shiff, you are Jewish and so is Janet Yellen, yet you have the courage and the integrity to call it as it is without fear of reprisal from ADL, the AIPAC, or the American Jewish Congress, much less your Rabbi at the local Shul.

    Thank you, Mr. Shiff.

  22. This could go on for decades.. the dollar is worlds reserve currency, there is no good replacement for it and the US also has the strongest military.  Libya was trying to create a gold backed currency.  Iraq was selling oil for gold and sidestepping the dollar.  Look what happened to them.   

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